First Valentine’s Day Dating Expectations with a Thai Woman

thai woman with a drink
The key to a successful Valentine’s with a Thai woman? Manage expectations.

Thailand may be a top tourist destination for its picturesque landscape, rich cultural tradition, and heavenly beaches. And while many tourists jot those down as their primary reasons for going, a lot of them are single men looking to date a Thai woman. And for good reason.

Known for their exotic Asian beauty, Thai women can be viewed as the antithesis of modern western women, whose strong independent thinking and lack of desire for the traditional family setup are making them difficult dating prospects. Women from Thailand, on the other hand, are quintessential feminine Asian beauties who, when paired with the right man, make perfect life partners.

Luckily for hopelessly romantic single men who happen to be in Thailand in the month of February, Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to secure that crucial first date and leave a great first impression. It’s a great excuse to ask someone out without feeling too awkward. And because being dateless on Valentine’s day isn’t something most Thai women want to be, there is certainly someone out there willing to oblige.

Like most countries in the world, Valentine’s day is seen as a novel holiday dedicated to stirring out romantic emotions among long-time and wannabe lovers. Adopted straight out of Western culture, it possesses all the familiarities you may see in other western countries.

So assuming you decided to muster up some courage, asked out a pretty Thai lady to be your Valentine, and she promptly responded “yes,” then here are the things you may expect from your impending rendezvous:

1. Gifts? Stay on the safe side.

The first thing you need to know about Thai women is they are most likely to appreciate whatever you give them as long as you’re sincere about it. The second thing you need to know is that they are as feminine as they come.

You can never go wrong with the absolute classics. Being as this is your first date, go with something cute, fluffy, or red. Chocolates and flowers are safe bets as well.

While jewelry is normally a winner, remember this is your first date. So hold off on that one till your next Valentine’s.

And while the day often calls for a hand-written letter, make sure you don’t go overboard with the cheesiness. Keep your letter brief, direct to the point, and not too deep. You don’t want to end up chasing away your chances of future encounters.

valentine’s day card
As far as practices go, Valentine’s day in Thailand is pretty much like anywhere else in the world.

2. Working through the language barrier.

From the moment you stepped out of the airplane, you probably knew that language was going to be one of the main hurdles to overcome. But asking for directions and telling taxi drivers where to take you is one thing. Waxing poetic on all-hearts day? That’s a whole different level of challenging.

So here’s the deal: keep it simple. And come prepared. If your date can speak English or any common language well, then you’re all good. But if her English isn’t reliable, then meet her halfway. Prepare a list of things you would like to ask her, duly translated in Thai. But since most phones have translation apps, you may want to go that route as well. And no matter what, always put on a good smile - body language is universal anyway.

3. Avoid public displays of affection.

One key to truly understanding a Thai woman is to know that she cares about putting a good face on in public. This means that your date may actually care a lot about how she is perceived in the public eye.

So if you feel that you both have chemistry, it is always best to ask her what she is and isn’t comfortable doing, like holding hands.

And just because you feel that she likes you doesn’t mean she’s okay with getting intimate on the first date. So always keep this in mind as you test the waters. She may surprise you, but then again, she may not. But isn’t there that saying that good things come to those who wait?

4. Keep your eyes on her.

You aren’t the only one going on a date on February 14th. Most people with a romantic bone in their bodies have that day planned out. So expect to see lots of well-dressed couples and dolled-up ladies on that day.

So as tempting as it is to survey the scenery, don’t take your eyes off your date. She wants attention. She needs to know that of all the beautiful women walking the streets, you’ve only got eyes for one - her.

5. Take the lead

The last thing you want to be in front of a Thai woman is weak, indecisive, and anything short of a real man. Now don’t mistake them for being subservient - they are not. Thai women just know how to be strong without trampling over their partners. And this is how you should be, someone who knows who to take the lead.

Being manly isn’t whether you wear pink shirts or get emotional while watching movies. It’s about knowing what you want, what to do, and doing it without all the unnecessary flair and machismo.

So don’t fiddle around with the menu. Don’t stutter when you talk. Don’t hesitate when giving suggestions. And smile with the utmost confidence that the world will still exist no matter how the night ends.

As long as you are your own man, you can rest assured you’re an attractive commodity in Thailand. It’s just one of the many reasons you see Thai women dating strong western men.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

You are in Thailand, attempting to successfully date a foreign woman while barely speaking her language on Valentine’s day. Don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re bound to make tons of mistakes. And truth be told, she will be stumbling too, but she’ll do so with poise.

So as long as you come in with moderate expectations, a decent amount of self-preparation, a presentable present, and a touch of enthusiasm, your chances of sweeping your ideal Thai woman this Valentine’s day are something to be excited about.