Thai Brides | Why Thailand Women Seeking Marriage are Among the Best Brides in the World

Thailand is an amazing country that has a lot to offer its local and foreign tourists; from its spectacular architectural sites, lovely beaches, up to its appetizing cuisine. Just like most Asian parents, Thai parents also emphasize on raising their daughters traditionally, especially when it comes to dating and marriage.

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At a very young age, Thai ladies have learned to understand the language of true love by observing how their parents manage to keep the family intact with love and trust. As a result of this, they have developed their own concept of what an ideal marriage is like and how it should be founded with genuine emotions to make the relationship work.

Thailand marriage culture creates a nearly picturesque type of marriage wherein married couples place a lot of value on the union’s sanctity and stand for the promises they made during the exchange of their wedding vows. Due to this, Thailand has a low divorce rate, thus proving that Thais give an enormous importance to family ties. Consequently, Thai brides are considered as among the most sought-after wives in Asia because of such reason.

Marrying women from Thailand is a great choice that you should consider taking. Why? It’s simply because they know how to fully commit themselves, and will give everything in the name of love. Indeed, these women make for ideal wives, partners, and mothers as well.

Amazing Qualities of Thailand Women

If you want to know how to meet Thailand women, you must first know learn the inner and outer characteristics of these ladies. One thing you should keep in mind is that women from Thailand have preserved their ancestral values up until today. Young Thai girls are also taught to do the same thing and usually grow up in a conservative household. It is through their traditional upbringing that they are able to preserve their unique cultural traits and values.

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Two traits that has made Thai brides highly desired by men, is their faithfulness and how respectful they are. They respect men in general and are very reverent towards their parents. Other than that, men wish to date and marry these women due to their dedication toward the people they choose to love. In addition to that, women in Thailand are trained to be “one-man” women and are always devoted to taking care of their families above all else.

These women are wise spenders. The simplicity they possess captures the heart of foreign men. When they date men, they are after true love and a lifetime of commitment; not for monetary wealth. Since they were young, they were taught how to be content with the simple things in life and not to demand costly stuff from people around them, especially from their partners.

Aside from their petite figure and good-looking physique, these women are well-educated and decent as well. Thailand women place a lot of importance and value into their education, and will always prioritize their studies. Moreover, these ladies are decent too. They honor and respect others; regardless of their social status.

To complete the package, women from Thailand are good at cooking as well. They cook healthy meals, which are comprised of natural and fresh ingredients. Traditional Thai food is known to be quite healthy, so you can expect her to prepare something fresh and scrumptious for you. In fact, Thai women are known for being excellent cooks in the kitchen as well.

Thai Brides vs Western Brides

Here are some of the reasons why Thai brides are better when it comes to relationships and marriage:

First off, they are dating to marry. Once they commit into a relationship, they will start picturing out a happy family with you. Casual dating is basically not their thing and they prefer to place their focus on worthwhile relationships instead.

On one hand, there are many Westerners who are afraid of the fact that marriage necessitates an enormous responsibility and commitment. Consequently, some of them go on to many dates without considering real affection and true love.

Thai ladies, on the other hand, are marriage-minded individuals and thus, they are worth tying the knot with. From the very moment they choose to date you, they tend to look forward to a future marital life with you.

For these ladies, age is just a number in the context of marriage. Getting married with older men doesn’t concern them. Actually, most of them choose to marry men of age, because of financial stability and maturity in dealing with problems. In most Western countries, several women prefer men of their age and this sometimes result to less mature and serious relationships.

Lastly, as simple as single Thai girls appear, they like to plan out simple and private wedding ceremonies. They also prefer to have traditional ceremonies and for them, it’s the sanctity of their marriage that matters, not the luxury. Thus, marrying a Thai bride entails simplicity and devotion.

Thai Wedding Traditions for its Women

Getting married in Thailand usually comes in two types: a traditional Buddhist ceremony, or a legal marriage registration. However, the wedding traditions after the ceremony are just the same. Also, there are no vows to make, but there are many symbolisms to establish so as to ensure good fortune and a sound future for the couple.

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Before the wedding, the groom must prepare two kinds of gifts for the bride. The first one is gold jewelry, which will be given to the bride before the wedding. Second is the gift of dowry (sin sod), which will be given to the parents of the bride.

If the parents of each party approve the marriage, selecting a proper date will follow next. Choosing a favorable time and date to ensure a happy and prosperous married life throughout the years is their first concern.

Even though wearing a western-style wedding dress has become common these days, classic Thai wedding attire is still widely used within the country. Wearing a traditional bridal dress also varies and there are six different styles to choose from. For the bridesmaids and groomsmen, it’s up to the couple on how many styles they’ll choose.

Furthermore, it’s very rare to see a best man and matron of honor in a Thai marriage ceremony. On the other hand, it’s very common in Thailand to have the engagements at the same day as the wedding. Many foreigners marrying Thailand women get to experience these traditions.

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