Yes Or No: Thai Women BEG YOU To Stay

Foreigners sign up to attend Bangkok speed dating events to meet their special Thai woman. Going into the experience, foreign men optimistically meet multiple single Thai women, and eventually find someone they deem as the most potential match. Typically, foreign men would volunteer to end their search at the following speed dating events, but sometimes Thai women themselves may ask you to stay with them instead.

As much as matchmakers aim for your success at love during Thai dating events, they also acknowledge the fact that you may go about your Thailand solo travel however you wish. In most cases, Thailand matchmakers steer foreign men away from making rash decisions that might lead to missed opportunities in terms of being able to guaranty their match.

When men start to dream of sincere connections, it can be easy to get distracted by the first potential match you meet. The most vital advice from matchmakers and other foreign guys who have successfully found love in Bangkok may be that you not only have to meet your potential match but make sure you can confidently consider that special Thai girl to be the most compatible with you.

Bangkok singles tours are available so foreign men can find the love of their lives in Thailand far from the risks of meeting an insincere Thai woman in the street scenes of Pattaya. Men need to take full advantage of this golden opportunity, and make sure to ask the question, “am I sure she’s the one?”