Dating 125 Thai Women in 1 Night in BANGKOK

Most often, a Thailand vlog always contains the beautiful destinations that are a must-visit or the authentic Thai food that are truly a must try. These are the things that are most interesting in Thailand.

However, there’s a few of you who know that the country is truly a paradise on earth. This is because of the rarest gem that you will ever find in the heart of Bangkok Thailand. They are the beautiful Thai women.

What makes these Thai girls rare? Why are they considered a gem in the Land of the Smiles?

GENUINE and SERIOUS----these are the perfect words that can wrap up the personality of a Thai girlfriend. They are genuine because they will show you how they really feel about you. Thai ladies always stay true to themselves. Most of them don’t pretend to be somebody else in order to be loved. This actually shows how secured and loved they are by the special people surrounding them such as their family and friends, Their authenticity is simply a by-product of their family traditional values.

Most women from Thailand are serious, however, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have a sense of humor. They know how to balance things. Thai ladies know when to have fun and when to become serious. One of the things they are serious about is finding a lasting relationship.

A Thai girlfriend is very serious in a relationship. Most of them are dating for marriage, instead of playing around the field. This is the main reason why many foreign men, such as the one in this Thailand vlog, go into their country to find their love of a lifetime.