Think Twice Dating That First Thai Woman

To dream of romantic connections with Thai women as a foreign man, it can be easy to fall head over heels for the first lady you meet on such a quest. Love at first sight, as many call it, can happen in Bangkok, but you must also weigh your dating options to be certain of your match. When it comes to a life changing WMAF (Western Male Asian Female) relationship, couples have to be sure and not just overwhelmed by instant gratification after spending only brief periods together. In this case, maybe it would not hurt to explore your options trying to guaranty a match in Thailand.

Some men have said that meeting countless Thai women at a speed dating event can seem excessive if looking to meet “one” special woman. However, Asian matchmakers believe speed dating with hundreds of Thai women to be the best avenue where foreign men can test real chemistry.

Meeting, getting to know, and going on dates with multiple Asian women initially can allow foreign men to build deeper connections with each one. The deeper the connection, the clearer it gets to foreign men which Thai women truly connect on all levels. In the end, many men leave Bangkok without regrets because they expanded their dating options and narrowed them down as well.

Many foreign guys have come to the singles tours, attending the first night of the speed dating event where they connected well with a special Thai girl and believed she was the one. Then these same guys attend the second night of meet and greets only to end up meeting an extraordinary Thai woman they never expected to meet– the woman who checks all their boxes, the one they have always been looking for.