When Thai Women Don’t Appreciate Foreigners

Thai girls often get stereotyped as specifically preferring dating foreign men. Oftentimes, Thai women may be seen as someone who only prefers foreign men for a ticket out of Thailand. It can be hard to take this mentality out of critics as it can be possible to meet this kind of woman in Bangkok if foreign men look for real love in the wrong places.

It can seem like Thai girls who prefer dating foreign guys come to a speed dating event and allow the first guy who seeks her attention to begin romantic pursuits towards securing a fiance visa to America.

Bangkok women do attend Thailand dating events for a chance to guaranty a match with a foreign man, but much like the men, these women have set standards on the kind of man they want to meet. When Thai women dream of romantic connections at such events, the goal does not end at only dating foreign men per se, but to hopefully secure a man who can promise a lifelong romance in marriage.

A few foreign men have attempted to experience the opportunity of romance in Thailand with the wrong mindset and ended up loveless. Matchmaking agencies may appear as an easy way into dating in Thailand, but success takes a good mindset. Knowing that Thai women do not come to play games with the first man they interact with can give men an idea on the efforts he must make to truly win a sincere Thai woman’s heart.