What Thai Women Crave About Dating YOU

Among all Asian countries that host International dating singles tours and meet and greet events, Thailand is considered as one where Western men want to keep coming back.

Thailand is a destination for Western men in the international dating community who are looking to meet Asian women specifically or explore their options beyond what they would usually prefer. After they come to meet and date Thai women, they usually end up with the loving relationship they’ve been looking for or come back for another chance to guaranty a match.

Why do Thai women seem to be considered a pleasure to engage with by Western men? Why do Thai women come to meet these Western men in the first place?

Thai women look elsewhere knowing that the stakes are high when they choose to settle down with a Thai man as these men are usually unfaithful. Asian women in the Thai dating scene are usually in their late 20s to early 30s, crave fidelity and monogamy as they are ready to settle down. They know they can find these qualities in foreign men.

Likewise, foreign men with managed expectations know what they want in Thailand and the marriage material qualities they want in a Thai woman, far from the women they can meet in Pattaya. That’s why they keep coming back.