Male Sexual Market Value in Thailand | Dating Thai Women

Being married to your Thai wife can send you on cloud nine, however, foreign men like you should also not forget that relationships have rainy days, too. Falling in love with women in Thailand can be easy because of their charm and personality, however, the real test of how to build relationships is when you are still dating over an extended period of time.

Countless Western men are dating Thai women through the years and you will lose count on the successful interracial relationships with the Thai girls. However, there are also those men who fail in finding the one among the women from Thailand.

One of the most common relationship mistakes that make men unsuccessful in their pursuit of love in Thailand is putting too much pressure on Thai women. Generally speaking, no one wants too much pressure on them, and doing so will lower a male’s sexual market value. Sexual market value ( SMV ) describes the value that we carry in the sexual marketplace. Basically, it determines the league we date in and how desirable we appear to the opposite sex.

A lot of times, foreign men exert effort to win the heart of Thai ladies, but then, they come out short because they are putting too much pressure on the Thai girls and their budding relationship. Sometimes, we are the ones who lead ourselves to failure.

One of the best relationship advice that most dating coaches will give you is to take things easy and just enjoy the journey of creating your own love story with a beautiful Thai wife. Be realistic with your expectations.