Is She MAKING MONEY Out of Me Through Her INTERPRETER? 丨Thai Women

Should I use my Thai date’s interpreter? How do I know she is not making money off of our dates? These are usually the questions foreign men ask when using a matchmaker in Thailand. There is a possibility that these worries are true. However, you should always remember that not all Thai women make money out of you. As a matter of fact, it is important that you keep your expectations grounded to minimize disappointments.

Thai women are ideal wives for most foreign men around the world. It is all because they are serious and genuine in seeking a relationship. Thai girls are cheerful and beautiful Asian women so it is hard to resist them especially when it comes to interpreters. If you are having problems about your date’s interpreters, then politely decline her offer and make her understand that using the dating agency would be better. This way she would most likely oblige to your request and continue on your date. It is all in the matter of how you say it to these women.

So would you like to meet Thai women? Come and visit Thailand! They are waiting for you. Just remember to always stay positive and keep moving forward.