Forget Thai Women, Can You Date Your Translator?

Foreigners take a chance on dating Thai women in Bangkok via singles tours with the hopes of meeting an Asian woman to spend the rest of their lives with. Though only a few Thai girls seem to prefer waiting to be cold approached by a foreign guy, the Asian women in attendance at speed dating events intend to date with marriage in mind.

Being around such a circle may have a higher probability for both foreign men and Thai women to guaranty a match with a like-minded individual. However, might there be limits to men dating at speed dating events? Matchmakers make sure to give support to everything men may need in their journey to love in Thailand such as making dates, looking for conducive dating locations, and translators.

What if a man inevitably falls for his matchmaker?

As the youth would often say, “when you know, you know”. Foreigners may have chosen Thailand to be their destination for their journey to love, but the Thai girl he starts loving will sometimes be out of his control.

One thing’s for sure, Bangkok matchmaking agencies assist men in order to find love. If the chemistry and connections happen to spark up with your matchmaker, no one will try to stop it. It’s proof of the unexpected connections foreign men and Asian women can stumble upon at such dating events.