Expectations of a Thai Girl Dating Farangs

It’s no secret the immense beauty of a typical Thai girl remains a common reason why foreign bachelors visit Thailand. It’s hard not to get carried away with a Thai lady’s unique natural beauty. The good news is that many Thai women also prefer dating foreign men as well. However, don’t just pick up a date from a bar in Pattaya or Bangkok because most likely you’ll encounter a Thai bar girl who perhaps only after your money.

If you’re a foreigner traveling to Thailand to hopefully tie the knot with a single stunning Thai woman, one of the best places to find them is in a dedicated matchmaking agency. Thailand matchmakers provide foreigners the opportunity to meet countless single Asian women who share the same interest: getting married. Even so, Thai girls have expectations when dating foreigners in Thailand.

The typical Thai women are “great potential brides” but aren’t poor nor a bar girl, they’re proud Thai ladies that could be anything from an entry level employee to a businesswoman. Therefore, most Asian women in Thailand aren’t looking for a foreigner with a pretty face or a fat bank account but a loving, faithful, monogamous man, which many local men aren’t.

Another thing many Thai women expect is that foreign men take courtship seriously at a very realistic pace. Many foreigners commit the mistake of rushing into the relationship. As a result, many Thai ladies feel the pressure. Always remember that Thai women who are looking for foreigners may be alone but they’re not desperate and they want to be courted.

Others think they’re looking at love when a Thai woman replies to their requests or messages on dating apps. In fact, most Thai girls aren’t looking for a penpal. They’re looking for someone they’re going to fall in love, get married, and have an honest relationship with. There’s a high chance you’re on the right track if a Thai girl pushes you to pursue the courtship and relationship.