Among the countless Thai women who attend speed dating events, many of the ladies have only begun dating beyond borders for the first time. In terms of comfortability, Thai women dating foreigners for the first time may need to adapt to the new environment as they try to guaranty a match with a man from a completely different culture. In order to smoothly do so, foreign men may need to make Asian women feel comfortable at Bangkok meet and greets.

It should be noted that men tend to be braver than Asian women during first introductions. Asian women try to look good and come with a couple of friends to Bangkok dating events, while foreign men fly all the way from the other side of the world for their Thailand experience.

One big variable to help Thailand women feel at ease in a meet and greet event will be the way men talk to them. Knowing the right things to say will help most Bangkok women adapt easier in such an unorthodox experience. Did a Thai woman tell you she’s nervous? Maybe, “me too!” can be a great response. It can validate and subside a Thai girl’s feelings of nervousness and may even help you connect with her better.

Another method that will not only help Asian girls, but also foreign guys will be to seek the assistance of matchmakers. Thai women ultimately begin the journey to their dream romantic connections with foreigners by joining matchmaking agencies. Prior to creating their dating profiles, there needs to be some kind of communication and rapport built between matchmakers and Asian singles in Bangkok. During the night of Thailand dating events, the women have already built trust in matchmakers. Hence, when seeking their assistance to make dates, Thai women may be much more comfortable saying yes to such first dates.