Dating Thai Women: Is She Into YOU?

Do Thai women like you? How do Asian women send you hints when they like you? Find out from our resident matchmakers who have seen it all.

At Thailand's private speed dating events, hundreds of single Bangkok women attend and look forward to meeting foreign men. With the population disparity, how can you tell if Thai girls are into you?

Through paying attention to their body language.

Thai women give various hints when they are interested in someone. Looking at Asian women's body language can give you foolproof hints. A woman leading towards you indicates interest in what you say and do, subconsciously she wants to be closer to you.

Direct eye contact can also mean interest in you. Eye contact conveys emotions and she will maintain it with the person she likes. A sure sign that you are her focus and want to establish a connection.

Single Asian women move physical objects between them and men they are interested in as another subtle hint she likes you. This can include things like moving a glass or a book closer to the person she likes, or even arranging objects in a way that removes barriers between her and others.

Finally, being close to you and physical touch reveal a Thai woman's interest in you. A powerful way to establish a connection and show attraction.

Thai women give various hints that show they are interested in something specific. You need to be present, pay close attention and act on those hints to improve your chances of finding a potential Thai woman looking for marriage.