Thai Women Seeking Men For Dating: How to Ask Her Out

With international dating becoming more and more popular, online dating sites have become a hotspot for finding your future bride.

In particular, many Thai women seeking men for dating are more and more attracted to foreign men, who they find to be sincere and marriage-minded like them.

If you’re one of those men looking for a serious relationship with a Thai woman, our Solo and Group Tours and Socials are the perfect answer for you.

At Thailand Women, we offer dating tours that give you a chance to meet in person hundreds of single women seeking men for marriage while enjoying a spectacular vacation in the tropical paradise of Thailand.

Alla, one of our international matchmakers, makes sure to prepare these foreign men who have braved the seas to make the most out of their dating opportunities.

One of the most important things she reminds men is to consider cultural and language differences when communicating with Thai women.

“Keep in mind that the majority of the women haven’t been to an event like [the Socials],” she says, clarifying that even if these are women looking for a date, they might still be unfamiliar with international matchmaking.

“They might be entertaining for the first time the idea of meeting a foreigner in their head. So they might be a little nervous, scared. But it doesn’t mean that they’re not interested.”

Alla reassures men if they don’t get a direct yes, that doesn’t mean it’s a no. It can just be a matter of difference in culture or context.

“If she says ‘Okay, I’m gonna ask maybe Alla to contact you later. I’m not going to give you my phone [number].’ It doesn’t mean no,” she explains.

“Let the matchmaker make a note of that. It’s still a lot of new information for them so they may not [give you her phone number] not because she’s not interested but just because [they don’t know] how it works or she doesn’t speak English.”

Meet hundreds of Thai women seeking men for dating and find your perfect match.
Meet hundreds of Thai women seeking men for dating and find your perfect match.

She recalls a related incident, wherein a couple started out by using our translation services and had a smooth sailing relationship but when they shifted to a different platform, the waters suddenly became turbulent.

“They started talking through WhatsApp, and Google Translate. It was a total mess. They would not understand each other.” she narrates. “They were writing us, ‘Can you help us? I don’t know what happened. Everything was great before.’ And [then] we found some misunderstandings, and some mistakes in translation.”

“So in the beginning it’s always better to have someone assist you,” Alla advises when dating ladies looking for men from foreign countries.

Thailand Women provides you with video calls and translation services that you can rely on for a smooth communication with your special someone.

And if you want to personally meet available single ladies, we give you even better chances through the Socials. When you find the right woman, hesitate no more and ask her for a date.

“Make sure you ask them on a date if you like her,” Alla emphasizes. “Even though you don’t schedule the exact day of the date, make sure that [you tell her] ‘I would like to go out with you and get to know you better in person. It’s my job you know I was told to go on different tables more but I want to focus on you.’”

Your matchmaker and the staff will then arrange the meeting during the week. However, Alla reiterates how important it is to initiate a date and to “make sure you speak it out loud to her.”

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