Group Tours: Why Thai Women Flock International Dating Tours

With our highly globalized and digitized society today, international dating tours are gaining more and more renown.

Many men and women from different parts of the globe are now embracing interracial dating and marriage with high success rates, thanks to its availability and convenience.

Thailand Women, one of the leading online matchmaking agencies, provides you with the best offers for your singles dating trips. We conduct one of the longest-running Group Tours in the industry, attended by hundreds of single ladies looking for marriage-minded foreign men.

But what exactly draws women to a foreigner? Leonard, our matchmaker in Thailand gives us a glimpse of Thai women and international dating in the Land of Smiles.

“The word ‘foreign’ is the big key,” he reveals. “Because in Thailand, there is basically a 100 percent cast iron guarantee that if a Thai woman marries a Thai man, he’s not going to be faithful to her. Women in Thailand crave fidelity [and] monogamy above absolutely everything else.”

The lack of these essential qualities in local men makes Thai women turn to guys elsewhere.

“Every Thai woman is really suspicious of the average Thai man [because] there are so many beautiful women living in this country,” he says.

Another reason Thai women find better romantic options in international dating tours is the cultural and social pressure that comes with age.

“Thai women around the age of 30 almost flick a switch. There’s no such thing in Thailand as a middle-aged Thai woman,” Leonard explains. “If you’re 29 years [and] 364 days, you’re young. Ten minutes before your 30th birthday, someone comes along and flips a switch and overnight you’re old.”

“I know that sounds ridiculous. So really it’s the peer pressure.”

Most foreign men are not crippled by that mentality, making them a perfect choice for many Thai women. In this aspect, the difference in culture favors international dating.

Many Thai women prefer meeting marriage-minded foreign men on international dating tours
Many Thai women prefer meeting marriage-minded foreign men on international dating tours

Add that to the fact that maturity in Southeast Asia is linked with one’s age. When Thai women start to consider settling down when they approach 30, they tend to look for mature men like themselves.

“Why 30 is such a funny date [is because] they start thinking about it when they’re 27, 28. ‘Why do I keep stuff here [when] I just turned 27’ and she’s beginning to think, ‘It’s about time maybe I went out and found somebody,’” Leonard explicates. “That’s why the women come to us.”

Moreover, Thai women have no problem with big age gaps. “The acceptable age difference in Thailand [is] 15 to 20 years. That can be pushed to 25 on certain occasions,” he says. “If you’re a man in your mid to late 50s, it’s not unusual to find yourself married to a girl late 20s or early 30s.”

No wonder Thai women love taking part in dating tours with foreign men, who they see as mature, responsible, and serious in relationships.

“Most of the [Thai women] are very sensible, very level-headed, and very realistic in their expectations,” Leonard describes. “Some come with miserably low expectations and fantastically overachieved.”

Unsurprisingly, the men, too, are flocking to our singles dating trips.

“They watch videos like we’re shooting now. They listen to people like me and then these crazy promises, bit by bit [they] all come true,” Leonard attests. “And that’s why the guys keep coming back.”

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