Thai Women Dating Foreign Men: Inside Scoop on the Socials

Imagine stepping into a room and being greeted by hundreds of gorgeous women all eager to meet you—where do you even start?

Seeing Thai women dating foreign men at the Socials is one of the top things to look forward to when coming to our Group Tours in Thailand.

However, for most of the men coming in, being surrounded by attractive Thai women can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, our matchmakers and interpreters are there to guide you step by step in your dating Thailand adventure.

When you come into the hall, dressed up, nervous and excited, your interpreter will be beside you as your wingwoman.

She will start by saying, “Let’s look around the room a little bit just based on what you see in front of you, who would you like to meet?”

Once you have a good sweep over the room, you might say, “Okay that girl in the green dress. I think that girl over there in red. Maybe that girl there in black.”

Your interpreter then asks, “Great. Would you like me to go get them one at a time and bring them to you or would you like to go and meet them one at a time?”

Depending on how comfortable you are, your personality, and your preferences, your interpreter will work with you and help you with the ways to meet Thai singles.

Many Thai women dating foreign men start out by meeting at the Socials, one of the best features of our Group Tours.
Many Thai women dating foreign men start out by meeting at the Socials, one of the best features of our Group Tours.

What’s important to remember is that you’re not there to tick off every woman in attendance. “You can’t meet a hundred women, right,” our matchmaker says. “But you can just pace yourself. Have a great conversation, arrange a date if you feel like it.”

In fact, meeting Thai singles at the Socials is like speed dating. “Only it’s not that speedy,” our matchmaker explains.

“In other words, we have four hours. [The women] are going to sit at a table. [And your interpreter’s] job is to take you from table 1 to table 2 to table 14, etc. And by the time the night is over, you’ve met all the women at all the tables. And they’ve met you.”

If looking for a Thai girlfriend first seemed like a puzzle to be solved, it has now become very easy.

“You’re going to end up talking to everybody in a very smooth, very fluid format that we use’” he says.

The speed-dating type of meeting will then give you a chance to better determine which women you are interested in and ask them for a date.

“As you find women you have a spark with, you step away from the table, and you say [to your interpreter ‘That girl in the green dress,’” our matchmaker illustrates. “And she’ll say, ‘Yeah, I noticed you really like her and she seemed to like you too. I’ll set up a date for you.’”

“The interpreter will pull the girl aside, ‘What are you doing tomorrow? Would you like to date Jude? You like to go out for dinner or coffee?’ Then she comes back and says, ‘Okay, you’ve got a date tonight, right after the Socials.’ And you keep right on going until you’ve got 3 or 4 dates. Just like that,” he declares, smelling a successful Thai date in the air.

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Many Thai women dating foreign men started out by meeting at the Socials and with the help of our services have ended up in beautiful marriages.

Be one of them and prepare yourself for the unraveling of your love story.

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