Thai Dating Agency: Tips to Get Ready for the Socials

Dreading the jitters and the butterflies as you prepare to meet gorgeous Thai women?

Hundreds of men have signed up on Thailand Women, a long-trusted Thai dating agency, and have come a long way to personally meet their future brides.

It takes courage but seeing them face-to-face is definitely “way better than writing letters,” our international matchmaker, Alla, guarantees.

“Writing letters has its good [side]. You can get to know a person. You can actually ask things that are very important to you, not [wasting] time with somebody. But meeting in person is nothing better than that,” she explains.

“[When you are] meeting women in person, you’re taking the chance and it’s the most important thing and we’re super excited.”

We know you’re excited, too! Coming to Thailand to meet women is a crucial part of dating for marriage.

Our Thai dating agency in Bangkok, Thailand Women offers you the best way to meet them through our much-anticipated Socials. It’s an exclusive party attended by numerous beautiful and eligible Thai women, eager to meet foreign men.

For someone new to the country and meeting lots of stunning women at the same time, this incredible experience can truly put you on edge.

Thankfully, our ever-dependable Thai matchmakers are here to lend a hand.

“If any of you need help getting ready, choosing your outfit, or anything, we’re here to help,” Alla assures. “Then you just relax a little bit.”

Though there will be food at the Socials, Alla advises to eat ahead. “Fill yourself in [so that you don’t have] to think about being hungry when you actually should be dating women and getting to know them and flirting with them.”

“Of course, you can grab a bite. It’s not that you have to die hungry,” she clarifies. But with a lot of women coming, it’s more important to talk than to eat.

Single Thailand women at the socials
Follow the advice of our matchmakers about dating single Thailand women to form successful relationships with them.

Another point that the Thai dating agency reminds foreign men is to be clear about what kind of woman they are looking for.

“Have you thought of things that are very important for you to know about your woman?” Alla asks. “For example, I want to have children or I want a woman who doesn’t want to have children or has no children.”

Knowing the qualities that are essential to you will narrow down the search and make it easier for both you and the woman.

“Most of the women that registered at the agency already know that they’re searching for a foreigner,” Alla explains. “[They know] there is a big chance that the guy would invite her to be with him where you are settled.”

The opposite scenario could also be possible. “There are some of the men who are retired,” she says. “They want to settle down there. They can come and just live there with you.”

“You never know. Just think of that,” she says, encouraging men to look forward to the development of the relationship. “As soon as you start thinking of the future, you visualize it. You’re gonna make it happen.”

Moreover, men don’t have to fret at all because the women are in the same boat.

“[The] women are super nervous. So don’t worry if you’re nervous. You’re going to be two together,” she says, assuring the men. “You will have all the matchmakers helping you. They know what to do. They’re not there only to translate. You can ask them anything you need.”

So put your fears to rest. Our Thai dating agency will be with you every step of the way from meeting your prospects, to wooing them, even after sealing the deal.

Sign up now at Thailand Women to start your dating adventure. Join our Solo Tours and Socials and get to know the woman of your dreams personally.

Because you have to meet her to marry her!

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