Solo Travel to Thailand: A Conversation Guide for Men

When on a date, what are the best things to say?

While dating in general can be nerve-wracking, it’s also normal to worry about saying the wrong thing or acting inappropriately.

Some of our clients have approached us with the same concern. Even with our advice, their nervousness and desire to find a partner can still lead to failed dates.

They can always try to do better the second time around, but it doesn’t change the fact that they had a negative experience. The same thing goes for the women they were on a date with.

That being said, if you plan to solo travel to Thailand through our agency, our matchmakers Alla and John have some tips to help you start a conversation with Thai women.

Keep It Light

“Ask women about them but also do not interrogate them,” said our international matchmaker, Alla.

Try to maintain a light and casual atmosphere.

For example, refrain from immediately asking the women if they want to have children. Instead, consider a question like, “Have you attended this type of event before?”

This way, you steer clear of violating any personal boundaries or cultural taboos, allowing them to feel comfortable in your presence.

Then, depending on the progress of your conversation, that’s when you can transition to serious topics.

Otherwise, you might put pressure on them and scare them away.

For instance, John shared that a woman approached him during one of the socials looking frantic.

She told him that a man bombarded her with marriage-focused questions and was pressuring her to commit, saying that he didn’t have much time.

Women who attend the socials are indeed looking for a serious relationship. However, being confronted with such questions from someone they just met would undoubtedly make them uncomfortable.

When going on our Thailand dating tours, you need to build a connection with the women you meet before talking about commitment and marriage.

Try to take it slow and engage in a bit of courtship. Love has no deadline, so don’t rush it.

Beautiful women one can meet on their solo travel to Thailand
Men solo travel to Thailand and fail at connecting with the ladies. Here are some tips on how to start a conversation with women you’re interested in.

Share Something about Yourself and Your Country

While it’s great to be interested in learning about the women’s interests and perspectives, the conversation shouldn’t be a one-way street.

Alla suggests sharing information about yourself and your country as well.

When you meet people in Thailand, be open to learning about different perspectives and life experiences. Feel free to talk about your experiences growing up as well and see if they can relate.

You can also ask about the places they’ve been to and what they think about their experiences. You can even give them a few recommendations for their next trip if you find that they’re interested in traveling.

Meanwhile, if they’ve never been to your country, you can describe what it’s like living there and explain the things you love about it, along with your reasons why.

Use Your Body Language

We organize Thailand tours for singles who are looking for a life partner. Even then, it can be challenging to start conversations with women at the socials or when you’re visiting local spots.

In these situations, John suggests using your body language.

“Body language speaks much louder than the verbal language,” he explained.

So if you’re a bit hesitant to approach a woman you like, try to throw some flirty glances in her direction.

If you see her reciprocate, take it as a sign to approach her and strike up a conversation. You could start with something casual and general like, “Hey, how has your day been?” or “Are you enjoying yourself? What are your thoughts on the event/activity?”

Moreover, as you’re talking to her, make an effort to maintain eye contact to show that you’re attentively listening to what she’s saying.

A man who met his match during one of our Thailand dating tours
Perhaps you’ll find your partner on the other side of the globe. Join our Thailand dating tours where you can hopefully meet your match.

A Romantic Thailand Vacation

If you’re interested in finding a partner in Thailand, you’re not alone. Our agency and matchmakers can help you connect with over a hundred beautiful women who are also looking for love.

Many men solo travel to Thailand for the same reason, but they soon find that they need more than just a tour guide to converse and connect with the locals.

As you prepare for a romantic Thailand vacation, keep this conversation guide in mind to effectively form connections with the women you’re interested in.

If you need more advice, want to progress your relationship, or have any concerns, you can always consult our Thai matchmaker.

They are ready to help you in your journey to finding love.

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