Is a Second Chance Possible When Dating a Thai Girl?

“Can we try again?”

No matter how much we love a person, it’s never easy to ask for a second chance.

Most people hate to be in that situation or on the receiving end. But asking for a second chance is the only way to make amends for past mistakes.

For instance, when dating Thai girls at our socials, men tend to get confused.

Some of them start off by thinking that they found the right partner and start to pursue a relationship. But later on they realize their lack of compatibility.

As a result, they want to go back and assess the situation, hoping to find someone better.

However, one common concern they have is this:

“Is a second chance possible when dating a Thai girl?”

Given that you’ve already rejected the idea of being with a particular lady once, it’s natural to wonder if she would be interested in welcoming you back into her life.

That being said, here’s what our matchmaker has to say on how to handle the situation.

A Humble Approach

When asking for a second chance, anticipate one of the following three responses: yes, no, or maybe.

According to our matchmaker, while a Thai lady’s answer may vary, there have been several cases where men were successful in their approach.

The key to getting a second chance at dating a Thai girl? A humble approach.

Avoid being arrogant and saying something like, “I know it didn’t work out between us the first time. But we’re missing out on something great. So how about we both give each other a second chance and have a fresh start?”

Apologize and be candid about the reasons you didn’t choose them initially.

For instance, you can try saying, “I’m sorry. I chose someone else as I thought we were a match. But I was wrong, we weren’t and I regret not spending more time getting to know you. I’ve learned my lesson and if you could find it in your heart to allow me to try again, I promise I’ll make things right.”

“I think a lot of women would be open to that. Not all, but certainly most,” our matchmaker stated.

A man taking his time getting to know whom to date
Is a second chance possible when dating a Thai girl? Yes. But try not to waste it.

Date a Few, Find the One

Most people think that our Thailand socials are like a numbers game, implying that the more girls you simultaneously date, the higher your chances of finding the right partner.

This is why some individuals engage in dating a Thai girl and swiftly transition to another. By the end of their stay in the country, they likely would have dated around 30 ladies.

This approach did indeed work for a few.

However, our matchmaker suggests a more effective approach: selecting only four to six women to date.

Aside from saving yourself time and effort, dating a few also protects you and the ladies from heartbreak.

That being said, if you’ve found a few whom you’re interested in, go on private dates with them to assess your compatibility.

Take Your Time in Dating a Thai Girl

There are men who find themselves asking for a second chance, often because they didn’t take the time to get to know the ladies they’re interested in.

Time reveals a person’s true nature.

Engaging in multiple dates allows you to understand each woman’s communication style, love language, goals, conflict resolution skills, and flaws, which will then help you to accurately determine whether you’re compatible or not.

Meanwhile, rushing can often lead to mistakes and regrets, as your limited shared experiences provide you with inadequate insights about each other.

As for yourself, you’ll have the chance to assess whether you’re genuinely prepared to enter a relationship or if dating a Thai girl is ideal for you while you’re still figuring out your own life.

Apart from getting to know one another, time can also help build bonds.

As you learn more about her and share more intimate moments together, you’ll gain a better understanding and build trust, which will serve as the foundation for a strong relationship in the future.

Due to these reasons, our matchmaker advises taking your time to go on private dates with a few Thai ladies.

Once you believe you’ve found the right match, end the other dates.

“Spend time with her exclusively,” our matchmaker stated.

Making the Most of Your Opportunities

Dating is full of trials and errors. It’s highly unlikely that anyone can find their life partner in just one try.

Through our socials, a lot of the men experience a good kind of confusion, given that they have plenty of options to choose from.

However, even if you’re incompatible with someone the first time around, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a second chance from another lady you once considered to be a potential match.

Then again, remember that once she grants you the opportunity to try again, don’t waste it.

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