How Not to Ruin Your Thailand Date

“When I’m back here and I tell people what I do, I hate it when I hear, ‘Oh these women just want a green card.’ That’s the furthest thing!”

These are some of the insights our staff tell clients who want to have the famous Thailand date experience.

It’s not uncommon for women from Asia to be stereotyped when dating and marrying foreigners. Some people believe that these women only want to use foreign men to get out of their home countries. However, we do not agree with this generalization. Our experience with countless Thai personals confirms this time and time again.

While it is true that some women may not have the right motivation, it’s unfair to apply this stereotype to all Asian women.

These women have countless opportunities to meet many different men. If their only goal is to obtain a green card, they could have married the first foreign man they met. But they don’t. Instead, they take the time to get to know these men, to find someone who they are compatible with and who they can build a life with.

Thai women are generally open-minded and welcoming to foreigners, regardless of their nationality. However, they do not appreciate the “ugly American” stereotype, which refers to foreigners who are obnoxious, arrogant, and disrespectful.

If you want to have a worthwhile Thailand date, you have to be polite, humble, and respectful. You should avoid making any cultural faux pas.

Thai women don't care about your nationality, but they do care about how you treat them.
Thai women don't care about your nationality, but they do care about how you treat them.

“They’re waiting for the right guy, not for any guy. You just got to be the right guy”

These women don’t care where you’re from. If you build a connection with one of them, it’s a good sign that something special could be brewing. They’re not looking for a way to escape to America; they are looking for love.

Again, they’re not just looking for any guy. They’re looking for the right guy.

When you join our tours, we recommend that you come with the expectation of meeting genuine women who are looking for a genuine connection. Just like you, they are looking for someone who is kind, respectful, and honest. They don’t want to play games or waste their time with someone who is not genuine.

How to Turn Your Dream Thailand Date Into Reality

Before you begin your search for beautiful Thai single women, it’s important to evaluate whether you’re the right guy for the job. As our matchmakers say, you don’t want to be “the ugly American” if you want to impress Thai women.

Once you’re ready to start dating, register here, the best Thai dating site around, and meet the best woman for you. Our group tours will give you the perfect opportunity to experience amazing dates in Thailand, with visits to some of Bangkok’s most beautiful tourist spots.

Imagine a date with your dream woman, walking hand-in-hand through the Grand Palace, or taking a romantic boat ride on the Chao Phraya River. You could visit the Wat Pho Temple and see the Reclining Buddha, or explore the bustling markets of Khao San Road. When you visit these places, you can create memories that will last a lifetime.

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