Meeting Women in Bangkok: A Foreigner’s Romantic Rendezvous

Whitney and Bickard felt an instant connection after their first meeting at our speed dating event in Thailand. It was also Bickard’s first time meeting women in Bangkok in one event.

“It was the first social and she was the second table from the entrance coming in from the elevator…”

Bickard wasn’t expecting much from his first social event. Led by one of our matchmakers, he went from table to table to meet different women, having a minute-long conversation with each one.

As his matchmaker was talking to the group at the table, Whitney, who was at the table across, said something that caught Bickard’s attention.

“I remember she said something like ‘I like to work out’ so she made herself noticed at the table right away even though she was across.”

Upon hearing that, Bickard immediately felt a connection.

“…I saw her and noticed her right away and made note that this is somebody that I want to connect with.”

When Bickard reached Whitney’s table, he immediately struck up a conversation with her. They talked for a while, and Bickard was immediately smitten. He didn’t waste any time and asked for her number. She happily gave it to him, and they even took a few pictures together to remember the night.

In their next meeting, he invited her to have breakfast with him at a restaurant that was a bit out of her way. But because she was willing to go the extra mile to get to know him better, she didn’t hesitate to accept his invitation.

“That’s one thing that stood out also is that she’s just very open about coming to meet me right away…”

“…I texted her for breakfast and she showed up at the hotel 45 minutes later even though she lives a 15-minute cab away…” he continued.

Whitney and Bickard felt an instant connection from the moment they met, and they have been building their relationship ever since.
Whitney and Bickard felt an instant connection from the moment they met, and they have been building their relationship ever since.

After a short walk, they sat down for breakfast and their natural connection took over. They talked for hours, discussing almost everything about each other. They would continue having this kind of breakfast date, sitting around conversing for an hour or so. They felt like their day was not complete without seeing each other.

When asked about Bickard, Whitney said that meeting him felt like love at first sight. She felt an instant spark, and she knew that he was someone special.

Bickard has already made plans for the future. He plans to spend more time in Thailand with Whitney. If his career progresses as planned, he plans to buy property in Thailand as one of his long-term goals. He was grateful to our service for providing him with opportunities to meet people that he would not have had as a tourist.

“I would like to definitely come back…it’s been fun to be with these guys…and then also meet all these great ladies here, and then have such a supportive staff as well.”

Bickard shared his thoughts about his experience in Thailand: “I’ve met a lot of really neat, well-educated, interesting ladies. One attribute that stands out for Thai women is they work hard.”

He also enjoyed spending time with the other men at the socials. They bonded as a group, supporting each other, giving each other advice, and sharing their different perspectives. They all agreed that the event was an opportunity for men of all ages who want to find genuine women in Bangkok to connect with.

The Best Way of Meeting Women in Bangkok

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