Meet These Thai Personals on the Bangkok Group Tour

You can find love in the most surprising places. Some men intentionally seek out partners abroad because they find their local dating pools lacking. And that shouldn’t be an issue—dating foreigners isn’t a taboo.

Some men don’t just stop at dating sites to look for foreign partners. They even fly out to those countries as well. You may think such a pursuit is a waste of time and effort, but it isn’t. There’s something romantic about getting out of your comfort zone and traveling to find love.

In international dating, Thai women are among the most sought-after by many men. Their timeless beauty and understated charm are enough to make any gentleman stop and pay attention. They’re also open to expanding their horizons and dating foreign men.

So, if you want a Thai girlfriend, don’t just go with any Bangkok dating site or app. Join one of our group tours and actually meet these women.

To give you an idea of what to expect when you’re on the tour, here are some Thai personals you may possibly meet and what they’re all about.

These Thai Single Women Are Ready for International Love

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Bhurijaya ID#: 211582

The first woman on this list is 42-year-old Bhurijaya, hailing from Nonthaburi. She prides herself on maintaining an active lifestyle, which is how she keeps her youthful appearance.

Bhurijaya wants an honest, sincere, and loving man who wants a long-term relationship. If your priorities align, she may be the woman you’ve longed and hoped for.

Khemjira ID#: 211500

When you meet people in Thailand, you may encounter many optimistic women like Khemjira. The 34-year-old Chon Buri native describes herself as an easy-going, honest, and sincere person. She’s looking for a romantic man embodying the same qualities.

Phetnapa ID#: 211493

Confidence is an attractive trait that catches anyone’s eye. 32-year-old Phetnapa carries herself with a healthy dose of self-assurance. At present, she wants a tall, mature, optimistic, and mature man for a match.

Manadchanok ID#: 211200

More often than not, Thai women prefer men who are ready for long-term commitment. They want a guy who won’t hesitate to stick by them through the good, bad, and ugly times.

Manadchanok is one of those women.

Pictures of Thai personals
Do any of these Thai personals catch your attention? You can meet them when you join our group tour to Thailand.

The 24-year-old Chon Buri resident describes her personality as a friendly and relaxed one. She hopes to meet her true love—someone with enough maturity to step up as a partner, especially during difficult times.

Nichapat ID#: 211581

Dating may be fun. But for Nichapat, the search for true love is a serious one. This Chon Buri lady is a strong woman who always puts her 100% into everything she does. Her no-nonsense attitude is why she wants a good-hearted and romantic man with leadership skills.

Pornthip ID#: 211506

If you want to find a girlfriend in Thailand, you’ll be pleased to know that women like Pornthip have the admirable qualities you’re looking for. She is a straightforward lady who knows where her priorities lie. She’s also a family-oriented person—a trait most (if not all) Thais live by.

Jittraporn ID#: 211069

23-year-old Jittraporn doesn’t ask for much about men. She just wants a kind-hearted gentleman who supports her wholeheartedly. She spends her spare time cooking, traveling, wandering in nature, and keeping her body fit.

Thitirath ID#: 211067

Do you have a sense of adventure? If so, you and Thitirath may find yourselves getting along well. This outgoing Bangkok lady keeps herself fit and active through swimming, her favorite sport.


27-year-old Avika describes herself as an optimistic and free-spirited woman. She wants a long-term partner who exhibits as much enthusiasm as she has for life.

Pimmada ID#: 211504

She may be the last person on this list, but she’s just as much of a catch as the other women are.

Pimmada is the kind of person that gets along with anyone. And with that, you won’t get bored whenever you’re with her. If you’re a guy who can initiate and hold conversations with a great sense of humor, you may be the one for her.

The women above are just a few of the many Thai personals searching for their lifelong partner. If they’ve caught your attention, why not start your search on this list?

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