International Gift Giving Tips for a Successful Courtship

Apart from your words and actions, what’s the best way to show your affection?

Gifts have played a role in courtship for centuries. Traditionally, it’s a way for men to showcase their worthiness as providers to the woman and her family, which, in some ways, is obligatory if they want to ask for her hand in marriage.

In modern times, gift giving is not required. But it is still encouraged as one of the best ways to express your affection for somebody.

The problem is that this act, although simple in theory, can be complicated to carry out.

You need to consider your relationship’s context, timing, and selecting the right gift to get a positive response.

For the men who attend our Thailand socials in particular, many of them worry about how to invest the right amount of effort to effectively show their love.

To address this concern and help you in successfully courting the woman you’re interested in, one of our matchmakers has provided some tips for international gift giving.

Flowery Beginning

According to our matchmaker, “Flowers are a part of courtship all around the world.”

They are simple yet effective, setting a romantic tone during the courtship phase without overwhelming or pressuring the woman.

However, our matchmaker suggests giving flowers after the second or third date, rather than on the first.

For those who are interested in joining our Thailand socials, the first date is basically a continuation of getting to know each other in a private setting. By the second or third date, you’ll have a better grasp of each other’s personality and interests, making it easier to know which flowers to give her afterwards.

Moreover, our matchmaker emphasizes that it’s best to follow the international gift giving etiquette of presenting the flowers after the date.

“Some guys, in their effort to just be romantic, bring a huge bouquet of flowers to the beginning of the date and the poor girl has to lug a huge bouquet of flowers around town.”

Instead of doing this, plan ahead and look for local flower stands. Then, as the date concludes, take her there, get some flowers, and let her take them home.

Aside from ensuring her comfort, giving flowers at the end of the date leaves a lasting romantic impression and builds anticipation for your future interactions.

A woman who is happily hugging her partner after receiving a gift from him
Express your emotions towards her through a gift. Follow these international gift giving tips from our matchmaker.

The Next Level of International Gift Giving

“I really don’t think it’s appropriate [to give gifts] to somebody you’re not engaged to, not completely in love with, or somebody who hasn’t demonstrated that she is in love with you,” our matchmaker stated.

While most women don’t engage in this behavior, some drop hints to men saying, “If you bought me a cellphone, we could talk more often,” or “If I had a laptop, we could Skype more often.”

Unfortunately, some guys get caught up and feel obligated to give gifts to maintain the relationship.

However, our matchmaker advises to only engage in significant gift giving only if you’ve established a strong, committed relationship.

Otherwise, it’s unnecessary.

You can give small, affordable items, but avoid falling into a trap by refraining from giving bigger, costly items early in the relationship.

Gift Recommendations

While dating a Thai woman on our tour, you might worry about international gift giving etiquette – what gifts are appropriate within her culture and what symbolic gifts you should avoid.

While it’s normal to have these concerns, it’s best to choose gifts that are generally appreciated by women.

According to our matchmaker, consider items like clothing, accessories, jewelry, branded perfumes, or cosmetics.

If you’re unsure about women’s clothing, our matchmaker suggests looking at store mannequins for inspiration. If you like a particular ensemble, consider purchasing the entire set. Or, you can seek assistance from a store employee.

For a more personalized touch, our matchmaker recommends a digital photo frame.

Capture numerous pictures together during your time in Thailand, and before departing for your flight back home, present her with the digital photo frame.

This way, she’ll have something to treasure and remember you by, easing the pain of your temporary goodbye.

A Successful Courtship

“Avoid splurging on which may be overpriced and unnecessary items that are not right for the situation,” our matchmaker stated.

Gift giving is a traditional practice that can effectively convey your affection, but be careful not to overextend.

Take into account the context of your relationship, timing, and choose suitable gifts to ensure a successful courtship phase, both for your date and yourself.

If you’re considering going on our Thailand tours and intend to give a gift to the woman you’re interested in dating, keep in mind our matchmaker’s international gift giving tips.

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