Finding Love through Thai Dating Apps vs In-Person Dating

When it comes to finding love, what’s the most common advice you get from friends and loved ones?

Most people will recommend downloading a dating app and finding a match online. Many of our clients who are looking to date Thai women have all heard the same thing.

However, which platform helps you build genuine connections?

In our case, we tell our clients that there’s no harm in trying out various types of Thai dating apps. But they’re more likely to achieve success in finding love through in-person dating.

Here are some reasons why, as explained by our matchmakers John and Joe.

Sincerity in a Thai Hookup App vs In-Person

Have you tried using Thailand dating sites or apps? If so, how would you describe the landscape?

Many have found that a small percentage of singles are looking for a serious relationship, while most of the people they match with are only looking to hook up.

In other words, these platforms often cater to those who want casual relationships, hookups, or people to talk to when they’re feeling lonely.

That being said, dating apps are not an ideal option if you’re interested in a serious relationship.

Engaging through these apps might make it seem like you’re trying to fill a different kind of void, rather than meeting someone for a true, honest-to-God relationship, as John described.

This is why for those seeking a serious relationship, we recommend in-person dating.

For our clients, we advise them to express their sincerity by writing a letter to the women they’re interested in.

In their letter they should not only express their interest in the women, but also their intention to eventually meet them in person.

By doing so, they give the other party assurance that they’re not wasting their time interacting with someone who’s not prepared for a commitment. It is through this effort in planning ahead for a relationship that the women can see how serious they are in wanting to find a partner.

A couple who met each other at the socials instead of Thai dating apps
Are you looking for a serious relationship? Swipe left for Thai dating apps and swipe right for in-person dating.

Building Connections through a Thailand Dating App vs In-Person

For those who want a relationship with a Thai woman, you might think it’s best to use several dating apps in Thailand to initiate communication.

But how can Thai dating apps help your relationship progress?

It takes a lot of time and effort to plan a trip to the country and make sure your schedules match. In the end, you might find yourselves exchanging messages only to end up having a stagnant relationship.

In our case, we offer you an alternative, which is a tour to Thailand without the stress of booking accommodations and making an itinerary. Instead, you’ll have a Thai matchmaker help you in your search for a partner and a relationship.

That being said, it’s likely that by the end of your trip, you’re on the path to marriage with the woman you’re interested in.

According to Joe, those who are looking for a serious relationship want to meet and connect.

The women at our agency, for example, don’t want a Keyboard Romeo.

So while letters allow you to connect with several women, “Don’t write [a letter] unless you’re going over…and that you’d like to meet them.”

Similarly, John stated that if you’re going to send one, do it with a plan in mind on how to move forward in your relationship.

He added that you can opt to meet women from our agency without having to write a letter.

“I don’t think you need to write a single letter to anyone before you go over because I didn’t. I met my wife at a social…then I looked at her profile,” he stated.

However, he clarified that if you want to make sure the women you’re interested in will be there, you can write a letter informing them so that they can plan their schedules ahead of time.

Thai women at the socials
Are you looking for a serious relationship? Swipe left for Thai dating apps and swipe right for in-person dating.

Can You Find Chemistry on Thailand Dating Sites or Apps?

So do you prefer to find a partner through a Thailand hookup app or in-person dating?

While the former offers convenience, it may end up falling short in terms of meeting your preferences and expectations. Instead of finding a serious relationship, you’re more likely to experience heartbreak.

However, the latter can help you effectively convey your sincerity, building chemistry between you and your potential partner and allowing you to move forward in your relationship.

That being said, don’t settle for online romance.

Consider joining our Thailand socials and tours to experience dating in-person and building sincere connections with potential partners.

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