What to Expect at a Matchmaking Event

Guys who want to date Thai women and partake of international matchmaking services to make that dream into a reality end up facing something inevitable; the language barrier. English is not commonly spoken in Thailand and many western men who fly out to attend a matchmaking event there don’t speak the local language themselves. Thankfully, the agency provides translators.

One avid follower writes, “Why can’t you marry the translator and allow her to work overseas?”

It’s not unheard of for a guy to fall for the translator instead. It might be inconvenient for the agency, because then they’d have to hire new translators, but according to our international matchmaker, John, “You can marry anybody you want. I couldn’t stop you from marrying a translator.”

“It’s not for me to say, it’s up to you and her,” John jokingly continues, citing the possibility of the translator marrying a tour client while retaining her job at the agency.

So, what else can a guy expect when going to a matchmaking event, other than potentially falling for one of the agency’s employees? And what mistakes do guys make after hiring a matchmaker?

John and Joe, two of the agency’s international matchmakers, cite the 2005 film Wedding Crashers as a guide on how to act. In the film, the two main characters crash weddings to seduce women, but they behave like gentlemen and lavish attention on women they’re not trying to seduce. They make sure that the women they are trying to seduce see them being such gentlemen.

People dancing.
Expect the unexpected when going to an international matchmaking event.

The matchmakers mentioned a man who went on a dating tour in Colombia and at each table, singled out one woman and paid attention to her and only her. He was being rude to the other women. This is not the type of behavior that they suggest, as the women also take note of how you treat other women.

The point that John and Joe are trying to make is that women will always pick on a man’s behaviors and a gentleman is an attractive commodity. So that’s how a guy should behave during an event hosted by an international matchmaker.

But what if a guy is at a table and there’s one girl who catches his attention in a way that even he wasn’t prepared for? But then his time at her table runs out and he has to move on to the next even though neither of them want him to?

Well, he has to keep it fun and lighthearted, but he has to move on because those are the rules. They can link up later, but during the Social, they have to follow the rules so that everybody, not just the two of them, can have a good time.

So what can a guy expect when going to a matchmaking event thrown by the best international marriage agency? Well, provided he behaves himself, he can expect to have a good time. In the case of a guy falling for the translator, he can expect the unexpected.

There are a lot of chances to fall in love at a matchmaking event and those chances can come unexpectedly. If you open your heart and mind, while maintaining your best behavior, anything can happen if you join our tours.

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