Dating a Thai Woman: How to Find a Date at the Socials

So you’ve signed up for our Solo and Group Tours! You might now be over the moon and can’t wait to hop on the plane. But at the same time, you might also be wondering what to expect and how to get a date.

Have no worries because dating a Thai woman is now at your fingertips when you join our Tours and Socials.

An exclusive event organized by Thailand Women, the Socials is your doorway to an incredible international dating experience. It is one of the best features of our dating tours, scheduled throughout the year.

Numerous foreign men come from all over the world to meet beautiful Single Thai women, who are looking for a deeper connection and marriage just like you.

But how do you navigate such an exciting and nerve-wracking party as the Socials?

John, one of our most respected international matchmakers, gives you a dose of the do’s and don’ts when dating a Thai woman at the Socials.

Firstly, since you’re meeting hundreds of women, he encourages being attentive to every woman around instead of getting stuck with just one all night.

If you’re at a table talking with four or five Thai women, for example, try to be friendly with all of them. “Because the women you’re interested in is watching how you’re interacting with the other women as well,” John explains.

“And if you’re just focusing on one woman, you’re like dismissing others totally. She’s not going to like that because that’s not going to make her feel comfortable.”

However, being hospitable to everyone doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to set your eyes on someone special.

“So you’re nice to everybody but you’re focused on the one you’re interested in,” he clarifies. “You should be a little bit selfish because that’s good for you, good for her, good for everybody.”

Moreover, if you’re coming in with a list of women already in mind, avoid getting enclosed in your expectations and end up missing the opportunities that are in front of you.

“I would not be obsessed with the list. Some guys are like ‘I have this woman on the list. I have to meet her. I have to meet her.’ And then he ignores every other woman in the room because [of] just one woman,” John narrates.

Joining our Socials and Singles Tours is your best chance of dating a Thai woman for marriage.
Joining our Socials and Singles Tours is your best chance of dating a Thai woman for marriage.

On the other hand, if you’re intent on dating a Thai woman in particular, he reminds you can always ask to arrange a meeting with her even outside the Socials so you won’t get distracted.

“If she is willing to meet, they will make that happen during this stay. But don’t get so tied up with that,” he assures.

When you’ve finally found the right woman that interests you, John advises not to wait long before asking her for a date.

“Be careful because some of these women may leave early. They could actually walk out the door because maybe they got to get home early or something,” he warns. “ So if you do like someone just ask right away.”

“If you feel awkward asking her for a date right at that table, you can get up a little bit and move especially after things loosen up,” John recommends when planning on dating a Thai woman. “Then ask her privately with your matchmaker,”

In the end, John urges men to be open to surprises at the Socials.

“Most of you guys will end up marrying someone who was never on your radar screen to begin with. Like I did with Tanya. I never knew that she was going to even be at that social,” he shares.

“I had no list and I had no expectations. I was really really lucky to meet [her]. I couldn’t imagine my life without her and the children that we’ve had. So it’s been amazing. Hopefully, you guys can find that too.”

If you’re looking for your future bride, dating a Thai woman may be your chance of a lifetime.

Register now on and have a chance to meet hundreds of possible dates. Join our Singles Tours and Socials and you might be the next man to find the woman of your dreams.

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