Concerns Guys Have When Joining a Thai Dating Agency

If you are one of the many guys who’d like to date Thai women but are somewhat apprehensive, then you are in luck! The first step to successfully dating these beautiful ladies is knowing how to get started. The rest will come along naturally.

In any case, John and Joe, a pair of international matchmakers with our reputable Thai dating agency, have answers that should address some concerns and answer some questions that you and thousands of other men may have about dating Thai women.

A major concern that many guys have is whether or not it’s okay to ask a woman out for coffee. Both matchmakers agree that it is, advising that not every date needs to involve food because there’s only so many times in a day a person can eat.

So a date can be two people just walking around together. It doesn’t have to be them eating or drinking anything. The important thing is that they’re spending time together, enjoying each other’s company, and learning things about one another. But they do note that if a couple meets up at lunchtime or dinnertime, then they should probably grab a bite to eat.

For guys who go to a Thai dating agency in Bangkok, they’ve probably not had the best time when it comes to dating back at home. Many guys often found that they’ve had to compete with other men.

A man and a woman sitting at a table.
Our matchmakers are more than happy to address your concerns when joining our Thai dating agency.

So now a lot of guys who find women through a Thai dating agency want to know if they should let the women they meet know that they’re out dating and flirting with other women so that they can create that same competition, except that now, they’re the prize.

Well, that scenario is similar to our Socials, which is a catered dating event wherein a handful of men meet dozens if not hundreds of women. A singular man can sit at a table and be surrounded by women, all of whom are vying for his attention.

Now, a guy doesn’t have to create a competitive atmosphere. He can just sit there and let the women around him feel it. They don’t have to rub it in that they’re seeing other women, but they should make it clear that exclusivity is not yet on the table.

However, it’s a double-edged sword because it’s not only you who avail of the services of our Thai dating agency. This means that when you move on from one table to the next, some other guy is going to slide into your seat and those same women will start competing for that other guy.

As to the question whether or not it is okay to still date despite already having marriage plans with one of the women, here’s what our matchmakers have to say, “If he was gonna marry her if he was that far along where he knew that they would get married and then he’s still dating, there’s a problem there. There’s something wrong with that.”

“But if he was just at the very beginning stages and dating and thought maybe at some future point he would marry her and she got upset, well then she got upset. That wasn’t the right one. There was not enough chemistry there to hold it together. That’s gonna happen.” John continued.

On the topic of marriage and exclusivity, it’s usually best for a guy to be completely single if he wants to join the agency. A legal separation without a full divorce might cause issues, so being completely single is recommended before joining our Thai dating agency.

Many men have concerns when joining a Thai dating agency, and that’s fine. Those concerns are perfectly valid considering the scope of such a life-changing endeavor. But a good agency should be able to address those concerns and provide you with the best Thai dating experience. That’s what we proudly do!

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