A Client’s Perspective | From the Group Tour to Dating a Thai Woman

“…one of my concerns was if they want to find an American man just to support them…I found out that was not true at all.”

One of our clients from Phoenix, Arizona, shared his experience of the group tours in Thailand and his foray into dating a Thai Woman.

“I read an ad in the paper…I made one phone call, and I was really overwhelmed with the customer service…”

He was satisfied with the assistance he received from our staff, who answered all of his questions and helped him get started with our services. Our staff promptly provided him with catalogs and other materials to help him understand how our services could help him find a potential long-term partner.

“They are more than willing to give testimonials from other clients…”

After signing up, he was amazed by the vast sea of stunning women he could browse. He then proceeded to the next step, which was to write to the women and introduce himself. He found this process quite interesting, and he picked out about 60 women he was interested in. Within a week, he received replies from 45 of them.

“I was very impressed with the success rate of the people that were interested in responding back to you.”

The service was personalized and customer-service oriented, from the office staff to the women themselves, he remarked.

He was also impressed by our selection process for women who join our Socials. Most of them are not only beautiful, but also highly educated, speak English fluently, and have successful careers. And he’s happy that our ladies are genuinely interested in meeting foreign men.

When he attended his first Social, he realized that Thai women weren’t interested in his money. To his surprise, they were genuine and interested in getting to know him as a person.

“I found that really amazing…”

He had the pleasure of taking one of the women home and meeting her family, which was a memorable experience for him.

Join our tours and experience firsthand how dating a Thai woman can broaden your horizons.
Join our tours and experience firsthand how dating a Thai woman can broaden your horizons.

He had nothing but positive things to say about his experience with us and highly recommends our service to all foreign men who are looking to meet ladies in Bangkok.

“…very upfront…very customer-service oriented…and very well organized…”

He said that he never had to wait more than 24 hours for a response to his questions. Our staff always made sure that he had all the information he needed before he decided to join the trip.

“To me, that meant a lot…”

“I would recommend this to anybody [who’s] seriously interested in meeting a nice woman.” he continued.

In conclusion, the Socials are an experience that everyone should try. This client is now excited to come to the next Socials.

There was one particular downside to mention—he only had a limited amount of time to get to know the women he met. To remedy this, he recommends that foreign men stay for more than two weeks to give themselves enough time to meet and get to know the women. For his part, he plans to extend his trip for a week or two.

How to Find a Beautiful Thai Woman to Date

Our tours for singles are the best way to find beautiful Thai single women. Go through our easy registration process and find women who might be your potential partner. You can read information about our service and get tips for dating a Thai woman from our experienced matchmakers.

So, don’t waste this opportunity. Meet, not just sexy Thai women, but genuine and mature Thai women who are interested in getting to know the real you.

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