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Everything you need for your foreign love venture is on our website: extensive access to thousands of women’s profiles, communication tools, gift services, and translation assistance. And most of all, the world-renowned Thailand dating tours.

You don’t only get to meet the women through a screen but more than that, you get to see them face to face. And rest assured, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

One of our tour clients attests to this incredible opportunity, happily sharing highlights of his Solo Tours experience.

“The tours are outstanding. The women start coming in and boy I tell you. They’re the most beautiful women you’ve seen in your life,” he exclaimed.

“They’re all different ages… The youngest there was around 19 or 20 all the way to 50. So there’s a good mix there,” he said, describing the women of the Socials.

The exclusive party organized by our Thai matchmaking agency is geared to introducing single foreign men to their possible brides.

As part of the Solo Tours, the Socials are filled with entertaining activities and delightful conversations you don’t want to miss., the best online Thai matchmaker, helps you to meet Single Thai women and date them in person., the best online Thai matchmaker, helps you to meet Single Thai women and date them in person.

“Everybody was excited. The girls wearing smiles on their faces. It really was a great experience,” he shared.

At the same time, people were slowly warming up the night. “Because it is a little intimidating for you when you go you see 200 beautiful women and there are 20 guys,” he explained. “You’re like oh boy, this is a reversal of roles.”

But once the ball started rolling, everyone wished the night won’t end. “It was fun, exciting, there was a lot of energy in the room,” he said. “The girls were very happy to see us. [They] loved to dance, loved to do things, loved to talk.”

Meeting these wonderful Thai ladies is definitely the main event, where you have the highest possibility of finding the love of your life. These women are the cream of the crop, having gone through rigorous screening conducted by our marriage agency in Thailand.

The same tour client shares how things developed for him after setting his eyes on the Thai woman of his dreams. “We went on two to three dates. At that point we both kind of knew that we want to be together,” he shared.

“We communicate twice a day through Skype. We also call each other. She speaks some English.”

Things went smooth sailing and the two are almost set to seal their relationship. “She’s almost done with her paperwork. I’m done with mine. She just has one more thing to get and it’ll go to the lawyer Maria Jones,” he said.

Aside from finding their future bride, tour clients also get to develop solid friendships with other men on the tour. “That is probably one of the biggest surprises for me. From this tour, there are four guys I talk to almost every day. I don’t think it’s ever been that way in my life,” he remarked. “Hopefully, it will never go away.”

What’s more, you are sure to receive unparalleled quality service from our matchmakers in Thailand. “I really like the support that I got while I was there from the people that worked for AFA,” he said. “Support is really the key to the whole thing I believe.”

Finally, he urges men like him to doubt no more and hop on the tour. “You know guys I really recommend you go on these things. Develop camaraderie with the guys. You’ll meet a nice lady,” he exhorts.

“Just go and enjoy it and if you open yourself up, you will find somebody.”

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