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What kind of men do Thai women fall for?

If you’re wondering whether you have what it takes to make these beautiful Thai women fall head over heels, we have the answer just for you.

Thailand Women is a leading dating site for marriage minded singles, offering you the best chance to find your future bride through our online services and on-site Group Tours.

Get to know some of these ladies up close and personal as they answer what qualities they are looking for in their ideal man.

Men’s Qualities Women Seek in Thailand’s Best Dating Site for Marriage


An understanding man is one of the most attractive prospects to Thai women. Krongsiri (199387), Siriwan (199256), and Wilawan (201641) who take part in our marriage minded dating site, all agree with that.

“[I want] a man who understands and can be my life leader with kindness,” says 22-year-old Krongsiri.

“I want to meet a man who understands me and loves me for who I am,” describes Siriwan, 23.

When a man shows understanding toward a woman, she feels accepted and well-loved. And that’s exactly what they want in a relationship.


Thai women are hopeless romantics and appreciate the same thing from their men.

Wilawan shares what she hopes to find in our dating site for marriage, “[A man] who wants to be with me for the rest of our lives, is loving, and romantic.”

Rungrut (189581) also dreams of a devoted life partner. “[I’m] looking for a sincere man who is kind and polite. I just want a simple life with the one I love,” she says.

Thailand Women is the best dating site for marriage minded singles, giving you access to thousands of profiles of Thai women looking for foreign men.
Thailand Women is the best dating site for marriage minded singles, giving you access to thousands of profiles of Thai women looking for foreign men.

Has a Good Heart

Above all, what draws women to a man is their kind personality and good heart.

“I am interested in a man who is kind, funny, clever, and dependable,” shares 40-year-old Panjarat (189576), one of the many Thai women looking for marriage with a foreign man.

“I’m looking for a good man with a [good] heart and can be a great future partner,” Sasiluk (194877), 34, says, hoping to settle down when she finds him.

They’re not looking for Mr. Perfect, but rather Mr. Right—someone who is willing to work things out even in the face of adversity.

“[I’m] looking for a man who respects and accepts each other’s imperfections,” says Patchaneeporn (195338).

“No need to be perfect but must be kind, loves his family, and isn’t aggressive,” affirms Thanatchaya (197419).

Older and Mature

Additionally, several Thai women express their desire to meet men who are older and more mature, leading them to search for such prospects in a dating and marriage site.

“I like men who are older and are warm and kind,” says 29-year-old Seekamonrat (195650).

Even though these qualities may be difficult to find in local men, many Thai women are convinced they will have better options with foreign men.

If you’ve been looking for the love of your life to no avail, it might be because you’ve been searching in all the wrong places.

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