Bangkok Ladies: Matchmakers Answer Your Burning Questions

From language barriers to website profiles, our in-house matchmakers got your back with their ever-dependable insights into the most sought-after Bangkok ladies.

Here, John and Joe tackle two important questions that men often ask when dating in Thailand.

As men can sometimes be nervous when meeting Bangkok girls for the first time on Solo and Group Tours, they tend to have plenty of concerns about it.

One man has asked, “Will someone let you know if a woman from your hot list is in the Socials and point her out if she shows up?”

With at least 200 women at the exclusive event, doing that for 30 guys wouldn’t be possible. However, if you’ve definitely set your eyes on one particular Bangkok lady, Joe assures you they’ll be there to assist you.

“If by chance you tell me ‘Hey Joe, I’ve been writing this girl for six months. She’s on my hot list. I’m told she’s coming tonight. Can you find out if she’s here?’” Joe says. “I’ll find out who the girl is from him.”

“[I’ll] go down and get the girl’s name… as long as it’s not too crazy at the reception desk because you know these girls are coming down registering,” he explains. “So if it’s later on like halfway through the Socials, I can go down and check. It will take me a little bit [of time] but we can find out.”

“If there’s something really special, then we’ll do that,” John reassures, fondly recalling a time when he announced on the microphone to ask if a lady was around. “I do that very rarely but I’ve done it.”

From first meeting concerns, another man raised a question regarding taking the next steps in the relationship, particularly on finding ways to enhance their partner’s English skills.

You can rest assured our matchmakers will cover all your concerns regarding dating and relationships with Bangkok ladies.
You can rest assured our matchmakers will cover all your concerns regarding dating and relationships with Bangkok ladies.

When asked what are the best methods for Bangkok ladies to learn English, John jests one might want to think twice about that.

“First of all, be careful what you wish for. Because if there’s an English barrier, you can escape,” he jokes.

“I can get away with ‘No, no, Honey. You misunderstood what I said,’” he narrates from his own experience with his Russian wife. “It saved my butt. I can’t tell you how many times. And she bought it for the first year or two. But now, forget about it. I’m done. I’m toast.”

But kidding aside, if she wants to learn more English, it’s easy to enroll in a school for that.

“There are many English schools over there,” Joe advises. “You can set her up in one of the English schools. It’s a monthly pay.”

However, there’s no need to worry about Bangkok women’s determination in learning the language.

“I’ve known quite a few guys who met women who hardly spoke English and by the time they got over to America, they could carry on a conversation by doing those English lessons,” Joe attests.

“They will dedicate themselves to learning English. Because they don’t want to be left out in the cold. They don’t want to not understand people. They want to be able to go to the store and communicate. So they will learn it,” he says.

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