Bangkok Dating | The Safe Zone in Age Gap Relationships

“If that’s what you really want and your heart desires it, then go for it. We’ll still help you out.”

In Thailand, age isn’t often as big a factor in relationships as it is in many other cultures. Thai women are generally open to dating men of all ages, as long as there is mutual understanding and respect. This is particularly true with Bangkok online dating, where romantic hopefuls come in all types and ages.

Our experienced matchmakers provide clients with insights on staying within the safe zone when it comes to age-gap relationships.

“We always recommend not to go more than 20-year age difference…”

They recommend that clients who plan on having children should consider dating someone within the ideal gestational age. By doing so, couples can increase their chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy.

“More likely she might have kids unless you’re looking for someone who doesn’t have kids…”

We would like to make it clear that while we don’t recommend going beyond a 20-year age difference due to the generation gap, we will still respect your decision and will help you find a match that meets your needs.

“None of us here are going to chastise you or look down on you because you’re going after someone who’s 24 years younger.”

While we don’t recommend going beyond a 20-year age gap, we will still help you find an ideal Thai woman that fits your preference.
While we don’t recommend going beyond a 20-year age gap, we will still help you find an ideal Thai woman that fits your preference.

Even if you choose to go beyond the recommended age gap, we will still be happy to assist you. The 20-year age difference, while wide, is generally considered a safe zone, but it’s not the only factor that determines the success of a relationship.

“We have successful couples who went more than 20 years difference…”

But our matchmakers point out that there is a difference between a 40-something man dating a woman in her 20s, and a 60-something man dating a woman in her 40s. The first scenario can be more challenging because of the wider generation gap. Then again, it goes back to the individuals involved to decide whether or not the age gap is a dealbreaker.

How to Find Open-Minded, Beautiful Young Thai Women

Again, Thai women are open-minded and generally willing to date someone older than them. This makes it easy to meet them through reliable Bangkok dating websites like We are the best Bangkok dating agency bar-none when it comes to international dating.

In addition to that, our Bangkok dating service also offers the opportunity to explore the beautiful attractions of Thailand with a Thai woman in tow. Dating in Bangkok, Thailand can offer you an experience unique from other cultures. The open-mindedness and welcoming nature of Thai people will make you realize that a Thai woman could be the life partner you deserve.

Let us help you find a Thai woman who shares your interests and who will show you the best that Bangkok has to offer. We can help you plan your dates, arrange transportation, and even translate if necessary. With our assistance, you will be able to have a meaningful and enjoyable relationship with a Thai woman, regardless of the age difference.

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