Dating in Bangkok: The Best Place in Thailand to Find a Wife

Bob, a native of Utah, and Joy, a local from Thailand, met each other at one of our Socials in Bangkok.

Bob joined our group tour event and went to his first Socials with a list of women he wanted to meet.

Bob had a first choice in mind and was delighted to meet that woman, but he was advised to attend the second Socials as you never know what could happen. So with little to no expectations, he ended up going to the second Socials.

“And that’s when I met Joy.”

It was the fourth table he stopped at. She was stunning and he was whipped. They began to have a little chat and learned that they had so much in common. They were both sprinters in high school, and she used to play volleyball, while he was a volleyball coach. They just clicked—they even had the same sense of humor!

“What I didn’t realize is just how funny she was…our humor completely messes together.”

He knew it was love at first sight and without hesitation, asked her out. They set up a date in Hua Hin, and they had an amazing time together. They stayed at the beautiful Ambassador Hotel, deepening their connection by talking and getting to know each other better.

Despite not speaking the same language, Bob and Joy are able to communicate effectively. Joy puts in a lot of effort to understand Bob, and she is grateful for his patience and understanding.

“We would use Google Translate and it was primarily for single words if she didn’t understand something I said…”

They were just happy to have found each other, and they were determined to make it work.

Bob was eager to be with Joy, so he invited her to move to America with him. Joy wanted a committed relationship, so she asked Bob if he wanted to marry her. Bob said he was pretty sure he would. Her “proposal” of marriage became a running joke between them.

“I always tell her I didn’t ask her to marry me, she asked me,” Bob said laughing.

Bob and Joy's love story is the classic tale of love at first sight.
Bob and Joy's love story is the classic tale of love at first sight.

Today, Bob and Joy are several years into their marriage. Joy moved to Utah from Bangkok, where it’s always warm. He encouraged her to move to Utah because of the snow and cold weather. She was scared at first, but she came to love the snow. Now, he wants to go to Thailand for the winter, but she wants to stay in Utah.

Bob’s Journey of Finding “The One”

Just five years ago, Bob was hopeful to find his true love while on a tour. He didn’t expect anything to happen, but he was open to the possibility.

“And if somebody blows my socks off, you know, that’s what I’m looking for…”

And again, he went to the next Socials.

“I walk in and I meet this girl…It’s absolutely perfect. And the chemistry between us was electric…”

Bob was immediately smitten with this beautiful woman—Joy. He was just instantly hooked and was awestruck by how much they had in common. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, and he knew that she felt the same way. Even our translator was astonished by the chemistry between them.

Bob was grateful to our staff who assisted him all throughout, “I’m so thankful really just because…they basically gave me a whole new life. I get to be with my life.”

“[It was] love at first sight and I’m telling you, even to this day, I love her just as much as the day I met her…” he added.

The Best Place in Thailand to Find a Wife

Bangkok is home to many beautiful local and foreign single women. There’s no doubt it’s the best place in Thailand to find a wife.

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