Going to Asia: American Men Dating Asians

Fascinating cultures, breathtaking sceneries, and most of all, beautiful women.

Why wouldn’t they go to Asia?

There are almost 50 million single men in America, with a big number of them refusing to settle down with American women. They have their reasons and it all boils down to how difficult it is to be with women nowadays.

Because of this, they look elsewhere for potential partners. Asia is one of the continents they look to, particularly in countries like Thailand, the Philippines, and China.

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Why White Men Are Marrying Asian Women

  1. Commitment is actually important to them

    When they read the marriage vows, they really mean “‘til death do us part.”

    Asian women don’t take kindly to infidelity. To them, if they’re putting a lot of effort into their commitment to you, then they expect you to grant them the same loyalty. Cheating is heavily frowned upon in these countries, especially in heavily religious cultures.

    You don’t need to worry about a Thai lady cheating on you whenever things go south. Most of the time, she would rather focus on fixing your problems them outright leave you.

  2. They are natural homemakers

    These women have been raised by their mothers to know how to take care of themselves early on. So in the event that they find a husband to marry and have kids with, they’re already well-equipped to take care of the family.

    You won’t have any trouble finding a woman that already knows how to cook and clean in Asia. Even if some are less knowledgeable in the kitchen than most, the basics are still ingrained in them.

  3. The family values

    In Asia, there is a strong emphasis on family. They tend to be highly group-oriented people, so to them, a family connection is not just a source of identity, but also a protection against hardships in life.

    That being said, every family is big because everyone is close with their extended relatives. Everyone meets for occasions such as birthdays, graduations, New Year’s, and so on. And because everyone is close, everyone supports one another.

    For a woman to grow up in such a culture and dynamic, her family values affect the way she views her relationships. If she marries you, you will be one of the most important treasures in her life.

    You will become her priority. And when you two have children, they will become her absolute priority as well.

  4. They are physically attractive

    Not only are they beautiful– especially Thai women who exude exotic beauty– they are also naturally thinner. Their version of “fat” is vastly different from what you consider fat.

    This is mostly because the cuisine in Asia involves more spice than sugar and oil unlike in the US. It’s also not a proper meal unless there’s rice, which has less fat than the American alternative which is starch.

    Because of this, women in Asia are naturally thinner. They are one of the fittest groups of women around the world, which makes western men desire them a lot.

You Can Also Find Your Future Wife in Asia

If you’re excited to meet your future Asian wife, then make the commitment to travel. Meet her yourself.

It’s you she may be waiting for.