Thai Dating deal breakers | What to Avoid When Dating in Thailand

A girl piggybacking on his boyfriend while dating in Thailand Discover the deal breakers for the women in Thailand for you to have a successful date!

Thai women are known globally for their beauty. From their delicate smiles to their long shiny hair and seemingly ageless skin, it's no wonder why many men wish to marry one. And if you're one of them, this write-up will definitely help. Here, we listed some of the most common deal breakers you should avoid when dating in Thailand:

  • Rudeness - Even the slightest hint of discourteous and brash behavior or language can ruin your chances of getting a second date. Whether that may be rudeness towards the waiter or being rude by not responding to her emails or text messages or by asking inappropriate questions, all of which have the same bearing to them which could potentially hurt your chances of hitting it off.
  • So, even when the service of the restaurant is completely unsatisfactory, be sure to compose your words properly as rudeness is a huge turn-off for the women in Thailand.

  • Bad hygiene - When dating single Thai women, you can expect these ladies to be well-groomed. And they expect the same from you too. How you look during the first date tells a lot about you. At the same time, you wouldn't want her thinking that you didn't put in the effort to at least look decent for her.
  • So, shower just before the date. And put a light cologne, it's a turn on for most women.

  • Being late and making last-minute cancelations - Once she says yes to a date, don't waste it by being late or worse --- canceling it.
  • If it's hard for you to show up on time, send her a message that you're running late. So, she wouldn't look like a fool waiting for you in the restaurant alone.

    On a different note, if you can't commit to your date night, say so. Avoid canceling dates at the last minute, regardless of the reason, it's a deal breaker for these ladies. It's a sign for them to look for love elsewhere.

  • Wandering eyes - We understand that there are a lot of attractive ladies in Thailand. But when you're in the middle of a date, resist the temptation of checking out another girl. That’s a surefire way to drive your date night deep down the rabbit hole.
  • Too touchy - There are indeed a lot of hot Thai singles in their country and as much as you want to express your feelings by touching her, don't do it. Wait until she initiates or at least give hints on any kind of physical contact. You don’t want to be too forward with these ladies because most of them are reserved and modest. After all, if you’re not just after getting under her pants, you should have the patience to wait ‘til a few more dates for anything more intimate to happen.
  • Clingy - It's the first date, it's not the time to go clingy around her. If you think it's getting a bit late, tell her you don't want to keep her out too late. Walk her home and call it a night. Avoid texting her during the wee hours or over texting her. A little bit of mystery can be beautiful during the early stages of dating.

There you have it! The next time you go out with a beautiful Thai lady, just be sure to keep these tips in mind and you’ll surely hit the ground running. If you’re having trouble looking for a Thai girl to date, you can join our singles vacation to get the chance of asking dozens of beautiful Thai women out for a date. You’ll never know, one of them could just be your lifelong partner. Sign up for free now to start your search for a bride among Thailand ladies for marriage today!