Topics Thai Women LOVE to Talk About

A Thai woman enjoying the beach.
If you want to impress Thai women, learn first about the things they want to talk about.

According to a 2007 study, men speak almost as often as women, with an average of 16,000 words per day.

What does this imply? Apart from disproving the idea that all women are chatterboxes, it shows that men and women contribute equally to the conversation.

When trying to date a Thai woman, you face two big challenges: linguistic and orientation differences. However, this does not preclude you from having meaningful conversations.

To do so, you must first begin talking about the appropriate topics.

Instead of focusing on overcoming language barriers, focus on talking about the topics Thai women enjoy sharing and make your conversation as interesting as possible.

Her family.

Talking about her family will help you get closer to her heart. These people mean everything to her, and meeting a man who shares her sentiments is a major feat. Start by asking about her family’s activities, personalities, and even how they spend the holidays together.

Thai family culture, like that of most Asian countries, is characterized by strong relations. Many of them live in close proximity, along with several generations. So don’t be shocked if she takes a family member on your first date; it’s completely common for them to do so.

When you discuss her family, she may show you a photo of them if she has one.

Take note of how her eyes sparkle as she talks. At the same time, she’ll ask about yours. Share about what she told you earlier. Don’t be shy.

When she realizes you’re the same, you’ll certainly have another date with her.

Use humor.

When anyone tries to make a joke, the conversation gets more lively. It might not always be funny to make you giggle, but it does lift your mood.

If you feel like you’ve got plenty to say, take a break by cracking a joke or two. She’ll love it if it comes from you. If you can’t think of something creative, share something that made you laugh.

She may be able to laugh as well.

Doesn’t that make it more comfortable between you? If it doesn’t, I’m not sure what else would.

A lovely Thai lady talking over the phone.
Choosing to date Thai ladies is always the right decision. Look for your match successfully by engaging in the right conversations with them.

Her favorite dishes.

Some people from the West had a joke saying it’s easy to talk with women from Thailand if you like talking about food. They just love this subject and everything associated with it.

So, if you’re shaking in your seat trying to break the ice, ask her about her favorite meal and you’ll hear her speaking nearly nonstop.

Aside from that, ask as to whether she enjoys life in the kitchen. If she does, ask about what she makes, who taught her, and how much she does the task. On another note, discuss your cuisine with her and find out what she thinks of it.

When you’ve discussed your culture, find out what she knows about foreign cuisines, what she’s tried, and what she always wants to try. If you think about it, there will still be an array of food-related questions you can ask her.

Asking is the only thing you have to do.

Just don’t bring up what happens to food when you eat it because it might ruin what you have.

Everything about shopping.

When you start dating in Thailand, you’ll discover that shopping is second only to cooking. It’s their second joy. Shopping, like cooking, is a favorite pastime for many of these ladies. In reality, it’s a common way for them to waste time.

They go shopping eight days a week. That’s how they love to do it.

It should not bother you to talk about it. Do you have any background with ladies’ brands? Do you know what the latest fashion trend is? Can you tell the difference between a makeup blender and a sponge?

The good news is that you are not required to go into detail. Stick to your lane. Make the conversation flow by asking where she gets her stuff, what her type and favorite things are, or even how much she spends on herself.

What You Should Not Talk About

It can seem that you can talk about anything with them. However, there are some roads that cannot be passed. Make sure that you do not complicate your chances with a Thai woman by avoiding discussing the following topics:

How much you’re making.

It’s true that Thai ladies like shopping. As previously said, they do it anytime they feel like it. But one thing you must note is that you must not discuss your income. They don’t join online dating to figure out how much you make.

A woman holding her hands across her chest.
It's not hard meeting Thai women. The real challenge lies in making them feel interested in you. Do you fit the part?

You may have a good salary, but boasting about it would make you seem low-class to her. Knowing so much about your finances is the last thing on her mind.

However, when things get serious for you, bring up the subject of money. That is what couples would do.

How you earn a living.

What you do for a living is linked to how much money you make. So, if she doesn’t want to hear how much you make, don’t even try to ask about it.

If you are proud of your occupation, share just basic facts about it and don’t go into detail. It’s understandable if you want her to know this about you, just don’t go overboard.

Relationship intimacy.

Thai women are too quick to dump men who bring up the subject of intimacy too much. Don’t broach the subject if the time isn’t right.

If you do, you will come off as pathetic. Worst of all, she’ll believe you approached her merely for this reason.

Communicating with Thai Ladies

You’ll want to spend more time with Thai women after you’ve met them. They’re wonderful and worthy women, and meeting them is what you should do.

Respect a Thai woman’s heart by treating her with dignity. Allow your heart to say the right words and your ears to hear the same.

Set aside language barriers. This time, give focus on what you talk about with these ladies. Make it right and make it effective.