From Me to You: Thoughtful First Date Gift Ideas for Her

A woman who is happy after receiving a first date gift.
Wondering what to give her on your first date? Choose from our recommended first date gift ideas.

What do you think is the goal of the first date?

Like most men, you might be aiming for a second date and hopefully be able to progress your relationship from mutual interest to official lovers.

While you may have already booked the perfect date spot and prepared some engaging topics to keep the conversation flowing, adding a small yet meaningful touch to it could further improve your chances.

That being said, give her a gift.

Some people think that first date gifts aren’t necessary since you’re still getting to know the person.

However, a gift shows your thoughtfulness and genuine interest in getting to know your date better by investing early on in the relationship.

The challenge, however, is picking the right gift.

Here are a few things to consider when thinking of good first date gifts, along with a few suggested first date gift ideas.

How to Select the Best First Date Present

While 1st date gifts can enhance your chances of securing another date with her, some men fail because they’ve chosen the “wrong” gift.

This is because it’s not just about how attractive or expensive the gift is; your first date gift should also be meaningful.

To help you select the best 1st date gift, here are some tips to consider.

Base It on Her Preferences and Your Conversations

Prior to your first date, try to get some basic info regarding her preferences based on your conversations.

Knowing about her preferences can help when picking out a gift. Otherwise, if you get her something random, you might make the date an awkward experience for her.

Aside from considering her preferences, try to recall details from your conversations as well.

Did she talk about traveling? Mention having a cat? Or hitting the gym?

Depending on what she shares with you, choose a gift that is in line with the details she mentioned. She’ll likely appreciate your thoughtfulness and may even be pleasantly surprised that you remembered something she mentioned in passing.

A man wrapping his first date present
Wrap it up! Express your feelings through a first date present.

Keep it Affordable and Small

The price tag matters during the first date, not because women necessarily favor extravagant and expensive gifts, but because knowing the price might make them feel pressured to accept and agree to another date.

To build a genuine connection, choose a first date present that’s affordable yet meaningful.

Moreover, think about how she’ll be able to handle the gift during the date.

Avoid giving her something big or heavy. Instead, opt for a small gift that she can easily carry.

Keep it Appropriate

You might be surprised to know that it’s not ideal to get a romantic gift on the first date.

While it might seem like a good 1st date gift, your date might not feel the same way, and it could make you seem desperate or like you’re trying to rush things.

Instead, go for a simple and casual gift.

Also, if you’re going on a first date with a foreign woman, be careful not to give a gift that mocks her cultural background or is considered taboo.

First Date Gift Ideas for Her

Each woman is unique. However, here are several categories of first date gift ideas that you can look into based on the aforementioned considerations.

Classic First Date Gifts

You can never go wrong with the classics, especially if you haven’t had enough time to gather more info about your date’s preferences.

These timeless first date gifts are still considered effective ways for you to express your interest.


Flowers are often considered one of the best gift ideas for a first date, as many women appreciate receiving them.

However, whether or not to give flowers and which type depends on the situation and your relationship status.

For active dates like arcades or festivals, flowers might not be practical to carry around.

However, they can be a thoughtful gift for a date at a coffee shop, park, or garden.

Moreover, if you’ve only recently become acquainted with your date, it might be best to avoid giving a large bouquet, as you could come across as too intense. Instead, give a single stem rose or a small bouquet of peonies or tulips.

A person handing another flowers, one of the best gift ideas for a first date
Looking for the best gift ideas for a first date? Know that you can never go wrong with the classic small bouquet of flowers.


Chocolates are sweet gifts for a first date. You can choose to make them yourself or buy a pre-packed set from a store.

However, choose a reputable chocolate brand and wrap them nicely. Otherwise, it might seem like you bought the gift at the last minute.

Moreover, before buying chocolates or making them yourself, ask your date if she has any allergies to nuts, raisins, or any other ingredients that might be included.

Small Stuffed Toy

Stuffed toys are a favorite among women as it reminds them of their childhood memories and offers them companionship at home.

You can choose to gift her the classic teddy bear or find a stuffed toy resembling her favorite cartoon character.

Meanwhile, if your first date is at an arcade and you’re skilled at games, try winning her a stuffed toy prize instead. She might even appreciate it more after seeing you work hard for it.

Creative First Date Gifts for Her

Are you looking for first date gifts besides flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears? Then it’s time to get creative. Consider crafting your gift to add a personalized touch to it.

Here are some suggested creative gifts for her on the first date.


Go through her social media and choose a flattering photo of her. Then, make a sketch or a small painting of her to give on your date.

Once you’re done, frame it and wrap it up nicely.

A man sketching a portrait, one of the creative first date gifts for her
Get creative in your first date gifts for her! Sketch her a portrait, create custom jewelry, or make a mystery date kit.

While a portrait may not be the most common gift, it shows off your artistic skills and the amount of effort you put into it. It also lets her know how you see her based on how you draw her facial features or clothing details.

DIY Jewelry

If you’ve noticed that she loves wearing jewelry, you can consider getting a customized set for her.

There are DIY jewelry sets that you can purchase at your local craft store or online. Just follow their instructions on how to make them.

However, instead of choosing the typical heart pendant or charm, try finding or creating one that is based on her interests.

Mystery Date Kit

If you have multiple activities planned for your first date, consider presenting her with a mystery date kit when you meet up.

Instead of a traditional gift, this kit would contain clues and instructions designed to lead her to various locations and activities you’ve arranged. This way, you’ll keep her looking forward to what you’ve got planned.

Sophisticated Gift Ideas for the First Date

Will you be having your date at a fancy restaurant? Or is your date the type of woman who exudes grace and elegance?

If so, you might want to give her something sophisticated. In this case, here are several good first date gift ideas.


Find out whether your date enjoys drinking wine. If she does, drop subtle hints to figure out her wine preferences.

If she isn’t accustomed to wine, consider gifting her your personal favorite as a recommendation, allowing her to learn more about you.


If you’re considering giving jewelry but lack the creative skills to make a personalized one, you can purchase the classic gold or silver pieces.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Rather, show that you’ve put some thought into the gift by choosing a color that suits her based on her social media pictures or by describing her features to the store attendant.

Also, take note of her jewelry preferences. Some women prefer detailed or extravagant pieces, such as dangling earrings, bracelets with multiple charms, and layered necklaces. Meanwhile, others lean towards simpler styles.


Perfume is one of the few great first date gift ideas because it tells her that you support her in wanting to feel attractive and confident.

That being said, when choosing a perfume, choose common scents like vanilla, floral, or citrus.

Moreover, pick one that is affordable and is known to last long throughout the day. This is because some superstitious women believe that if you gift perfume scents that easily fade away, your love is bound to be the same.

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Funny First Date Gift Ideas

If you and your date share a similar sense of humor, you might want to consider gifting them something that will allow you to share a laugh.

Here are some funny first date gift ideas.

Silly Socks

Allow your date to express herself in a lighthearted way by gifting her a set of silly socks. While it might not be a conventional gift for a first date, it’s both practical and affordable.

Joke Cookies

Add a twist to your usual fortune cookies.

Instead of writing predictions, you can put in witty or cringe-worthy jokes that your date can read whenever she’s feeling down, showing her that you’re able to offer your consideration and support during difficult times.

Inflatable Crown

An inflatable crown may not be practical or may not hold much meaning, but you can use it to make your date memorable.

When you meet up, playfully declare her the “Queen” for the day, making her feel special. Then, throughout the date, make sure you play the part of a King or Knight by being a gentleman.

Jewelry, one of the sophisticated gifts for a first date
Is she the type that exudes grace and elegance? Give her one of our recommended sophisticated gifts for a first date.

Cute First Date Gifts

Is your date into cute items? If so, here are some recommended cute first date gifts.

Candy Jar with Notes

Purchase a few packs of assorted candies, preferably her favorites, and place them all in a jar.

Next, include several colorful notes rolled up in the jar that are sure to bring a smile to her face. These notes could contain compliments, quotes, or song lyrics.

Artisanal Soap

Go for something practical and cute by giving her an artisanal soap.

Unlike mass-produced options, artisanal soaps are crafted from natural, high-quality ingredients and often shaped like flowers or animals, making them perfect for someone who loves endearing items.


Find out your date’s favorite color.

Then, consider purchasing a scarf as a gift. If you want to go the extra mile and add a personal touch to it, you can have her initials embroidered.

1st Date Gift Ideas for Her

A gift is meant to convey that your intentions of pursuing a romantic relationship with her are genuine.

Given this, it’s only appropriate to invest time in considering what could be the perfect gift, taking into account her preferences, the setting of your date, your current relationship status, and the appropriateness of the gift.

Then, choose the most fitting one among our recommended first date gift ideas.

By doing so, you can increase your chances of securing a second date, taking another step closer to winning her heart.

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