Thai Dating: Mistakes Men Make in Thailand

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The process of finding your match among Thai women is challenging. And we get that. But if you're going to put yourself out there, might as well do it right.

Most common dating mistakes can be easily avoided, provided that you're aware of them. And with that note, here are the most common mistakes people make when searching for their match and how to avoid them:

  • Expecting too much - This is one of the most common mistakes when we're dating. And this needs to stop. If not, there's a big chance that you'll miss the best woman that should’ve been your perfect match. So, instead of looking at your date as a potential bride right off the bat, try to look at her as someone you want to date again.
  • Acting too casual - If you're trying hard to come off as cool, she might think that you're not that interested. We know that there are thousands of beautiful Thailand women out there seeking love with foreign men, but show some chivalry. You asked her for a date, so make it clear that you're eager to get to know her. Ask her questions and really listen to be able to connect.
  • Talking about politics - You can feel free to discuss this if you've known each other for a while. But if you're on the first few dates, it's best to avoid this as this pulls the romance out of a good date.
  • Not planning something special - If you asked a Thai woman on a date, it's your job to do some planning. We suggest starting your date with some touring.
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  • Not being the one to pay - There's one thing you should know, Thailand women are very traditional. If a man asks them for a date, then it should be him who pays the bill. And even if she insists on paying it, never allow her to do so as she's just being courteous. She can pay for it but that doesn't mean that you'll let her. Remember, a true gentleman always pays the bill.
  • Talking about your ex - These ladies agreed to date you because they're interested to know more about you. And that doesn't include hearing the story about how you and your ex broke up. Don't ask her about her past relationships either. Because it's extremely unsettling to discuss this topic during your first few dates.
  • Playing games - Thai women are very clever, most of them can tell when a man is trying to trick them. Just keep in mind that these ladies are here for the right reasons and that’s to look for their lifetime partner. These women are serious when it comes to relationships which is just one of the benefits of marrying a Thai woman.

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