Unspoken Admiration | Subtle Signs a Thai Woman Shows When She's Into You

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If a Thai woman doesn’t make the first move, it's easy to assume she's not that interested in you. However, this is perhaps the single biggest mistake most men usually make although we can't deny the fact that they have that strong ability to spot if a woman is really interested in them. In fact, according to previous studies, a man's brain isn't wired to see many of the subtle and unusual signs women send. And as little as you may think it is, this leads to all sorts of problems. For instance, some guys tend to walk away from ladies who tried to show their romantic interest in them, often leading these women confused and heartbroken.

If you're one of those men, the list we'll be providing can help you cut down this practice and have a clearer awareness on the subtle signs that Thailand women are into you

Here are the following:

  • She's making long eye contact.
  • Some guys out there actually feel uncomfortable when being looked at for a long time. But don't be! Think of it this way: Thai women are very happy to have the opportunity to date a foreigner like you.

    Compared to some ladies in Western countries who are always preoccupied with their phones during dates, Thai women make sure they're 100% engaged in the conversation. So, take this as a good sign.

  • She stays physically close to you.
  • In a room full of people, like during our singles vacation, a woman will put herself close to you if she's interested in establishing deeper connections with you.

    However, most of these women are much less likely to strike up a conversation because being a woman in Thailand means being conservative. So, instead of making the first move, these ladies make themselves "available." As simple as standing somewhere close to you in hopes that you'll approach her.

    She's trying to make life easy for you to increase her odds. So, keep your eyes out for these opportunities.

  • The dance signal.
  • If she's dancing alone near you, that could be a great sign she's waiting for you to join her. You see, women use this as a wise way to draw attention for themselves. Dancing with a Thai woman is also a great way to gauge her interest and get started on getting to know her more.

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  • She's still talking to you.
  • If she's still responding to your text messages or emails, it means she's still interested in you and just waiting for you to make a major move. Just make sure it doesn't involve asking for sexual favors though, as most Thailand women wait for marriage before engaging in such activities.

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