Proven Ways to Attract Thai Women | Dating in Thailand

American Women with Thai Women Find out the ways you can attract Thai women

There are some universal qualities and traits that attract women, and in this case, Thai women are no different. Thai women may come from a different part of the world and practice different beliefs and traditions, but when it comes to finding a partner, they tend to look for qualities almost every woman wants.

If you’re one of those Western men looking for a Thai woman that knows who she is and what she wants out of life, then you need to stop looking for her outside night clubs where. Contrary to popular opinion, most Thai ladies are not the heavy partygoers that society in general paints them to be. Another myth is the notion that Thai girls preferring foreign men are gold diggers (that, too, is a fallacy).

When you’ve decided to pursue a Thai girl, just remember that she won’t be like all the other ones. You still have to discover her personality before you commit to a romantic relationship with her. Mind you, the kind of ladies this article refers to are the respectable kind—the ones that have a decent background and steady income of their own.

Just like many other countries, Thailand is fraught with naught and the good. So, if you’re dating in Thailand, you need to look at the right place to look for the right Thai date, and, if you’re lucky, find the right woman whom you can have a serious relationship with. You might already be joining dating apps or sites for this, which might or might not work for you.

One thing’s for sure, there are many Thai women who are not on a chase after your wealth or status but for your love. If you want to find a Thai woman like that or you’ve already had, then it’s time to get real in understanding a Thai woman so you can win her heart.

While what women want for a man in their lives are most likely the same, Thailand culture, tradition, and norms also play a role in influencing their attraction. Here are just some of the qualities and traits in a man which they will be most likely attracted to:


This trait will set you apart from Thai men. In Thailand, it was only after 1935 that polygamy was declared illegal, which means before that time, a man could have as many partners as he wished. This explains why, up until now, Thai men still have ambiguous views on monogamy. So, how do you get to attract Thai ladies and show to them you’re different from Thai guys right off the bat (especially if you’re really into one of these women)? From the first date to the next, let her know you’re interested in her by not hitting on her other girl friends.


If there’s one striking value among Asians, that would be how they value their families more than their career or themselves. While it’s a good thing to place great importance in families, modern Thai women are looking for independent men, preferably men who’ve been through a lot and already know how to decide for themselves and succeed even on their own. Open-minded Thai women join dating apps hoping to find these independent foreign men. Strangely enough, Thai parents treat their sons like royalty since they are the primary inheritors for their parent’s belongings. This has resulted in so many men not going through rough times with their parents’ consent and not really knowing how to handle difficult situations in life.


Beautiful Thai singles have been stereotyped as gold diggers. This negative reputation was partly perpetuated by men who usually encounter Thai girls in seedy bars but didn’t bother to find other women in more reputable establishments. The truth is that a decent, even the most average, Thai woman wouldn’t be found even within a mile of these shady places. That’s because she has plans in her life. Usually, she’s also looking for a man who has some goals, too. One of her goals is to have stability and security, especially when she starts a family. If she can see that she has a life ahead of her in you and that you have aims in life, she’ll want you.


You don’t even have to look like “James Dean” so long as you wear what looks good on you and do your best to look your best at all times. Thai women do know fashion, which is why they have a keen sense for what’s neat and classy. Before meeting them, make sure that you’re at least conscious of what you wear.

Leadership skills

Thai women are tired of being the one who has to lead the relationship, given that it has become a set trend in the country for men to be like “Por Ban Jai Gla” or househusbands. Overall, this means more and more girls take the lead in a relationship. As a result, they are the ones responsible for his income, managing his daily expenses, taking control of his time each day, and so forth. While there are some local ladies that live this type of lifestyle, there are others who prefer men to be more proactive in their life choices. These Thai girls want foreign men who can hold their own in a relationship.


When Thai women show no interest, it may be because they are shy. In your pursuit for a Thai partner, you need to be patient. You need to wait for her to open up on her own free will. She will appreciate your perseverance and see how serious you really are into her.


Like every typical Asian, your Thai date values her family just as she values her own life. If you’re making it obvious that you dislike her family or children from her previous relationship, then it’s a definite turn off. If you respect her family, this would give her the impression that you are a family-man and, thus, get plus points for that.

It’s better to understand Thai women first before trying to win their hearts, that way you have a better chance of being together with her. We all know that in order to have a lasting relationship, you need to develop and complete yourself first. Not all women want the same thing, but at least you have a grasp on polishing yourself to attract these beautiful women.