NEVER BUY THIS for Thai Women!

A photo of a beautiful Thai woman smiling Know how to properly choose gifts for Thai women.

“This gift is for you. I hope you’ll like it.”

This is pretty much one of the lines that you often hear when you're dating someone you really like. Gifts are great for expressing how you feel without the need to use words. It's a kind gesture that is solely for the person you care for. Most of all, nothing can beat the thrill of finding out whether your lady will like your gift or not.

Perhaps you have asked yourself this question a hundred times now, and at first, you might have considered this an easy task as gift-giving only begins with choosing something for your girl, and ends in giving it to her.

When it comes to dating Thai women, however, your knack for giving gifts would surely be put to the test. As such, it is vital to be aware of the proper gift guides for you to lead a harmonious relationship with your lady.

Basically, if a man is to make a list of all the gifts that he can give to a woman, it would be made up of the most trivial items that are given to women as gifts. That's why understanding a Thai woman is essential before you consider doing anything to make your relationship with her prosper.

Then again, knowing how to impress a Thai woman is not just about being aware of what gifts are ideal to give her. Knowing which ones you shouldn't give her is just as important. Below are some good examples that you should consider when it comes to the latter:

  1. Perfume.
  2. This could have surprised you, but yes, it's a big no in Thailand to give a woman a bottle of perfume -- thanks to superstition.

    As much as you want her to wear a fragrance that you think suits her best, it is not a good gesture to make as the scent may fade away easily. This would imply that maybe your love for her will also fade away.

    But for some who really prefer their woman to wear a specific fragrance, you can always suggest or recommend some of the brands that suit your taste, and hers as well. Just don’t focus too much on how she wears her fragrance so that she won’t misunderstand.

  3. Handkerchief.
  4. Here is another basic item that is ideal for gift-giving. Almost everyone appreciates it when handkerchiefs that are exceptionally high quality are given as gifts, seeing how it is an item that can be used regularly.

    On the other hand, a Thai woman would not want this from you. Another superstition can explain this. For starters, a handkerchief is often used by someone who is crying. It is preferred for wiping one’s tears instead of those thick and bulky towels.

    Giving her a handkerchief would signify that you might make her cry in the near future. Surely you would not appreciate her thinking that way, would you?

  5. Black clothes.
  6. This is somewhat close to giving handkerchiefs. If you give black-colored clothes to Thai girls, this would make them think that you plan on attending their funeral in time. Because this is such a negative thought, it's better to take this off your list and never give your girl anything in black.

  7. Shoes.
  8. Online dating has been met with several challenges over the years. As much as you hate to acknowledge the distance between you and your potential partner, you will be driven to do things that would please her and make her heart flutter despite being miles away from each other.

    In some cultures, giving a partner a pair of shoes is common. But for Thai women, shoes are interpreted as objects that get separated easily. Hence, giving her shoes would also make her conclude that your budding romance would be short-lived.

  9. Specific types of flowers.
  10. YES, certain types of flowers should not be given to a Thai woman. Surely, all women like flowers. The feeling of love and appreciation always comes along just by seeing the bouquet alone.

    For those who are finding love among Thai ladies, try to be more cautious in choosing what blooms to get. Think twice before you send that basket or box of beautiful flowers. Most of all, avoid giving marigolds and carnations as they are associated with funerals.

    In addition, don't give them lotuses as they are only for Buddha images and other deities Thai people worship. As beautiful as all these are, they are something that a Thai lady would not appreciate.

  11. Watch.
  12. An accessory that goes well with anything you wear is certainly a watch. It can be of any type, model, and color, making it easier to match with what you're wearing. Given that this can cost you a fortune, especially if it's from a well-known brand, receiving this as a gift sure does warm the hearts of people.

    However, giving a watch to Thai women is not taken positively. Just like all the other superstitions mentioned, a watch is believed to stop ticking after a fair share of use.

    As a result, your woman might think that this would be a cause for your relationship with her to end. Foreign men may have been able to instill it in their system that a watch, being a luxury, would always be received gladly, but since that is not the case for Thailand, just avoid this as best as you can.

Give Thai Women the Best Gift!

Now that you have learned a bit of Thai culture when it comes to gift-giving, be sure to follow the aforementioned tips faithfully in order to save yourself from misinterpretation and heartbreak. Don't get stuck on not knowing what gift to give her. Ideally, you are the one who knows her best.

Whether she is superstitious or not, at least you are well aware of the things that she might not want to receive from you. Since dating sites are getting rampant nowadays, never fail to extend your gestures in trying to win her heart. Use what you know about her and you will surely come up with the perfect gift for her.

Simple gifts are fine. Even a gift card would suffice. Never think that gifts should be expensive. What matters is the fact that you thought of your lady and decided to give her something that’s going to make her smile.

All things considered, Thai women aren't hard to please. As long as you know what to steer clear of, you should be good to go.