How to Impress Thai Women | 7 Neat Tricks When Dating in Thailand

A couple holding hands while dating in Thailand. Ace your dates with Thai women by learning how to impresses them.

Dating in Thailand is a little bit trickier than what you might expect. Considering the differences in culture and dating dynamics, you should anticipate the need to make adjustments in order to leave a lasting impression and sweep a Thai single off her feet.

Asian women, in general, are known to be meek and conservative — a bit opposite from their Western counterparts who are known to be more liberal and carefree. Thai women are no exception. Although years of westernization have led some of them to adapt to some Western culture and values, a Thai woman’s unique identity remains resilient.

The key to a successful dating venture in Thailand isn’t as complicated as it appears. As with the case in dating any other foreign girls, taking the time in understanding a Thai woman and their dating norms will significantly increase your odds of impressing a Thai girl.

So take note of these 7 useful tips that will help make your Thai dating experience fruitful:

  • Learn words and phrases from their local tongue
  • Nothing impresses single Thai women more than someone who actually takes the time to learn a few words and phrases from their native tongue. This will show her that you are serious about getting to know her better and that you are willing to adjust for her. You need not be fluent. Learn the basics and surprise her by telling her she looks beautiful in Thai.

  • Be yourself
  • Be yourself. Plain and simple. Do not force yourself to be someone you are not just so you can try to impress her. Trying to be someone else can lead to awkwardness and you may lose the opportunity to connect with her. Being yourself will help you become comfortable and easy to be with.

  • Keep dates simple
  • Simplicity is beauty. Dates are more memorable when they are simple than when they are extravagant. Extravagant dates usually make the event more memorable than you as a person and you don’t want her to remember the event and forget the person. Keeping a date simple will give her more time to focus on you and get to know you better.

  • Be a gentleman
  • It has always been said that chivalry is dead, but that shouldn’t be the case. Thailand women adore men who are respectful and courteous. Open doors for her, offer her a seat, and be more courteous rather than aggressive. Thai women are more comfortable opening up to men who treat them with respect.

  • Be a listener
  • Dates can be a bit boring when communication becomes one-sided. Do not bore her with your never-ending life stories. Make her open up to you and listen to her. This makes her feel important and relevant. It shouldn’t always be about you, it should be about you and her.

  • Compliment her
  • As Thai women are known to be meek, especially when it comes to dating foreign men, it is important to remember that it is the little things that matter. Tell her she looks beautiful; smile at her when she looks at you; hold her hand and be proud of her. These little gestures will surely leave a lasting impression on her.

  • Pick her up and take her home
  • Always offer to pick her up prior to your date. This removes the hassle of traveling alone on her part. A little pep talk while on your way to the venue will also help you break down the walls that she may have built around her.

    After everything has been said and done, and it is time to call it a day, always remember to offer to take her home and walk her to her door. This will give her a sense of security because this will show her that you want to make sure that she gets home safe.

These are just a few tips to get you started on your way to dating in Thailand. If you want to fast track your quest to finding a suitable Thai woman for marriage, simply sign up today and be on your merry way to your own happily ever after.