Maintaining Long Distance Relationships with Thai Women

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There’s a lot of people who want to date Thai women. A lot of men from countries that are all the way across a salty ocean from Thailand want to be with such women. The ocean can present a real threat to a relationship. So what’s a guy to do in such a scenario?

Turns out, there’s a lot that can be done despite being so far away. A man can download a matchmaker app and make use of matchmaking services and find romance or something that’s close enough to it that there’s no discernible difference.

Of course, international matchmaking services can only do so much when it comes to helping a person find love. At some point, it’s on you to keep that love you’ve found alive and well.

But the reality is that a couple that’s in the same general geographic region is going to have enough problems keeping themselves together. A couple in a long-distance relationship is going to have the same problems on top of the elephant in the room that is their distance between the two of them. Just because you find single Thai women and be in a relationship with one doesn’t mean that it's going to be smooth-sailing.

The reality is that distance is going to be a near-insurmountable obstacle in the relationship. But the operative word in that statement is near. It’s near-insurmountable, which means that it’s perfectly surmountable. Sure, surmounting that distance will be hard, but it’s doable. It’s in doing that a loving relationship can be found.

  • Communicate Regularly
  • International relationships used to be formed when two people exchanged letters with one another. Now exchanging letters is a fairly tedious process. While there’s value in the act of actually writing the letter, the process of sending and receiving letters took days or even weeks. It could take even longer if the miles between the two correspondents were significant enough.

    That’s not the case anymore. Nowadays, two people can connect no matter how much land or water separates them. The same technology that bridged two people in the first place can also keep them from forgetting one another, since video-chatting and instant messaging are both things that currently exist out in the world.

    Also, the devices that are capable of video-chatting and instant messaging are so ubiquitous that practically everyone has them and they can fit into the pockets of many pairs of pants. These days, there are Thai women that are looking for love through the internet. So if you are lucky to date one online, make sure to regularly communicate with her online.

  • Packing Care
  • People often send care packages when they’re in long-distance relationships. The right care package can brighten someone’s day and even make their whole week. So it’s important for a care package to be well-prepared. Maybe make it a point to add a few sentimental items.

    Also, put some stuff in there that they could actually use or things that they’re going to like. You can also encourage your Thai date to send you a package. She can pack some Thai souvenirs, trinkets, and even some snacks (as long as Customs would allow). That way you’re experiencing her culture in small ways.

  • Plan to See Each Other
  • There’s two ways to see each other, like physically seeing each other. One person can get on a plane and fly out and see their partner. That partner can then show around their hometown and all the sights and other things that travel journals don’t know about because the locals jealousy guard them as if they were their own secrets not to be shared with locals. There are a variety of attractions you can visit in Thailand, which your Thai date can show you.

    So one of you getting on a plane to see the other can be very beneficial to the relationship.

  • Mutually Unfamiliar
  • Then there’s the kind of trips where the novelty is going to affect both halves of the partnership and that’s when both of you take a trip together somewhere new. There’s two ways this can go; either you both take separate flights and meet at the destination. Or one flies out to the other and then you both fly out from there.

    This can be great because both of you are unfamiliar and you’re both equally clueless about the locale and the locals. Plus, it can be a great vacation for the both of you and might even bring the two of you closer.

  • Internet Dates
  • Most people who date go out to eat. It’s kind of a thing that people do on dates. But people in relationships of the long-distance variety don’t often have that luxury because, you know, of the long-distance part of the long-distance relationship.

    But there are still ways for them to eat a meal together thanks to video-chatting. Sure, the meals may be different because of time zones, like one person eating lunch while their partner noshes on breakfast. So if you plan to do this, take note that the time difference between Thailand and the US is approximately 11 hours. That way, none of you is sleepy when you video-chat.

  • Set a Timeline
  • One important thing that couples need to do in order to make sure that their relationship lasts is to set a timeline. Long distance relationships survive best when couples plan to move near each other sooner than later.

    So it’s generally best to make sure to set a proper timeline for when the matchmaker can say that they’ve done a good job and you’re with one of the Thai women that they’ve set you up with.

    Besides, a long-distance relationship is a journey. While the journeys themselves are important, there’s no discounting the destination. Most people generally need an endgame if they want to stay motivated to keep going with whatever it is that they’re doing.

    Dating is not always easy. Sure, there are the couples who look into each others’ eyes and then everything just clicks and then everything else from then on keeps on clicking. They date and fall in love and have children. She might have an easy pregnancy and the resulting baby never cries in the middle of the night.

    Yes, that’s entirely possible to have a smooth-sailing relationship. If that’s what you have, then congratulations on your eternal happiness and bliss. But that’s not always the case. It’s more likely that you’re going to have your share of trials and tribulations.

    But those trials and tribulations can make your relationship stronger. If you want to be with Thai women, then a strong relationship can be really great for you.