Ease the Tension with These Flirty Conversation Starters

A man using flirty conversation starters
Get the ball rolling with flirty conversation starters.

You see an attractive woman. She notices you and starts making eye contact. Sensing a spark between the two of you, you’re compelled to approach her and make your move.

It sounds straightforward, yes. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. Flirting is a complicated art because it must be done with the perfect balance. You don’t want to come off too strong, yet at the same time, you don’t want to be passive.

Not everyone is a natural at flirting, and that’s okay. Some have the ability to make up flirty conversation starters on the fly, while others need to rehearse in front of a mirror.

If you aren’t sure about what to say, look no further than this entry. We have some suggestions you can use to attract your dream girl.

The Best Flirty Conversation Starters

Is there palpable tension between you and your dream girl? If so, break the ice by using these tried and tested strategies and talking points:

#1: Appearance

Attraction usually starts when you first notice a person’s physical appearance. And because of that, people naturally go for compliments first when flirting. A guy usually has this strategy as one of his go-to flirty conversation starters with a girl.

Saying something as direct as “Your shirt looks great on you” signals your attraction toward a person. If you do it right, your dream girl will get the hint that you’re interested.

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#2: Availability/relationship status

This strategy of flirting can get tricky. Is asking about someone’s relationship status awkward? Yes, especially if you’re talking to a stranger.

How can you ask a woman about her availability without being creepy? You can go for lines like “Are you here with someone” or “I’m sure your boyfriend will…” to start your conversation on a good note.

Not only are those lines polite, but flattering as well. It’s as if you’re telling them that they should have a partner because they’re that great.

#3: Humor

Using humor has long been an effective flirting tactic. It usually works because it gives someone a preview of another person’s personality. Humor also gives a sense of comfort because it eases the tension that preexists when two people first meet.

Are you shy about letting your humor surface? Don’t worry, because you don’t have to perform like a standup comedian to impress a woman.

You can use funny flirty conversation starters such as asking random (but appropriate) questions. For example, you can ask them about her recent bad purchases or their illogical fears. You may get a humorous and interesting answer from her.

Couple talking outside
Use funny flirty conversation starters to build a connection.

#4: Feelings and inner thoughts

Most like to keep their thoughts toward specific people to themselves. But if you’re brave enough, you can express them as you try flirting with a woman.

How can you share your thoughts about a woman you’re attracted to? You can start off by saying something like, “I’ve been waiting to say that…” or “Did you know you were in my dream the other night?” These lead-ins create intrigue, which raises a woman’s curiosity. She may even start thinking about you.

#5: Possible shared interests

One effective way to get to know a potential match is through shared interests. If you and your dream girl have similar passions and hobbies, there’s a great chance you can build a connection.

You can apply this strategy by suggesting you do things together. For example, you can imply your interest in a specific activity.

Say something along the lines of “It’s been a while since I last went out dancing, I miss it.” This lets a woman know you have fun hobbies and interests. It may encourage her to share her passions as well.

#6: Your relationship status

How do you let a woman know you’re single and available without being awkward and off-putting?

Indicate your availability by starting your conversation with lines like “I recently went on a weird date” or “This place has an interesting dating scene.” These let her know you’re exploring the dating pool, which may catch her attention. Your lead-ins may even encourage her to flirt back.

#7: Asking them out

Good flirting conversation starters get your point across directly. If you want to use a bold tactic, go ahead and ask a woman out. This forwardness won’t go unnoticed, especially if the feelings are mutual.

How to Use Flirty Conversation Starters Naturally

Having conversation starters isn’t enough. You should know how to use them properly if you want better chances at flirting.

Couple sitting by a harbor
When choosing good flirting conversation starters, pick one that doesn’t beat around the bush.

Follow these tips to avoid making an awkward and creepy approach:

  1. Start with questions.

    Questions allow people to open up about themselves more comfortably. Get compelling answers by aligning them with your match’s interests.

  2. Don’t forget about your body language.

    Your non-verbal cues matter as much as your lead-ins. A woman will feel much more comfortable around a man with an open and relaxed body language.

    Display proper posture and avoid crossing your arms. Don’t forget to flash a genuine smile when appropriate. Maintain eye contact during conversations to indicate you’re actively listening.

  3. Pay attention to a woman’s reactions.

    As you’re flirting with a woman, observe their reactions. They’ll tell you whether to keep going or walk away and move on.

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Avoid Doing These Things When Flirting

Flirty conversation topics are fun, but they can be grating if you don’t know how to approach them. Don’t commit these common flirting mistakes to avoid uncompromising situations:

  1. Don’t make it about you.

    Flirting is about making another person feel good. Don’t project your expectations onto a woman.

    Forget about your goals and focus on creating a pleasant experience for a woman. Your ego is not the priority here. A flirty conversation with a girl is much more fun when she’s engaged and enthusiastic.

  2. Don’t stand too close to her.

    Boundaries exist. How would you feel if a woman were to cross yours? Respect her limits and keep a friendly distance. This makes for a safer and more comfortable environment.

  3. Don’t use other people as means to get to her.

    Flirting may be scary and rejection is painful. However, don’t be a coward and use other people to express your feelings towards a woman. If you want to win her over, make the approach yourself.

Flirty conversation starters are effective when used wisely. May the tips above help you find the partner you’ve longed for.