Dressing Fashionable in Thailand: Dating Thai Women

Woman in a field. Make sure to dress properly when you find yourself dating a Thai woman.

When a Thai woman loves you, it can be a pretty good thing. The thing is, that's not something that just happens. If you want to experience that, you’re going to have to put some effort into meeting Thai women and convincing them to fall for you.

Part of the work you need to put in so a woman will fall for you is courting her. You don’t just start living with a Thai woman, you have to court her and make her want to live with you. Because courting her is how you get her to see that you are a viable romantic partner—someone in whom she can invest her time.

One way she’d consider being with you is a good investment is having the right attitude. You need to show a Thai woman that you have the type of personality that is compatible with hers— and not just for a moment, but for the long term. So you need to have the right attitude.

Part of having the right attitude is a willingness to do things. This does not mean a willingness to go on dates, though that is an important part. No, this means being willing and able to make some slight changes not just to your lifestyle, but also to you. By changing for the better, you can make space for the woman that you are with; part of this change is dressing fashionable.

But not every man knows how to pull that off. A lot of guys will put on a collared shirt over some shorts and call it a day. But there is a lot more that can be done than just a shirt and a pair of cargo shorts, even if the extra pockets end up being really useful. Here are some tips to dress smart while on a date:

  1. The Accessories
  2. One thing that a lot of men neglect when they are dating Thai girls is what they wear. Not just the clothes, but also the accessories that they put on to complement the outfits that they don. The accessories may not be an essential part of an outfit, but they are a great way to elevate an ensemble.

    Some guys will stop at wearing a watch and that’s all well and good. A good watch is a great and subtle way to make an outfit a lot better. But there are also a whole host of other accessories that can be donned to make an outfit look better.

    A good belt is not just utilitarian, but it can help pull an outfit together. It doesn’t just hold a pair of pants up, it can make the pants it holds up a lot better than it would normally be.

    Jewelry can be a little tricky. Too much of it can make you look gaudy, but too little can make you look plain. The trick with jewelry is to wear enough that it can be noticed, but so much that it is begging to be noticed. A simple bracelet or a thin necklace with a small pendant should be enough.

  3. Wearing the Right Pair of Pants
  4. A lot of guys wear pants. Some guys wear pants that do not go past their knees and there is nothing wrong with that. But not all pants are created equal.

    Some pants are a little better than others and it has nothing to do with the brand (or at least not entirely). It has more to do with the cut of the pants and the material that is used in the construction.

    For example, someone who is taller would benefit from a pair of pants with a slimmer leg to really highlight their long legs. Shorter men can also benefit from slimmer legs because it can give off the illusion of extra height.

    But there are also some occasions wherein a shorter pair of pants are needed. Some days, it gets really hot. There are also places wherein full on slacks are not entirely appropriate for the location. A beach is one example since most people don’t wear long pants when they are at a beach.

  5. Tread Lightly
  6. Below the pants, people generally wear shoes and the type of shoes that you choose will be important when you are dating Thai women. First of all, because the shoes you wear are going to protect your feet.

    But beyond the protection they provide, shoes can also make a fashion statement. They can be functional and fashionable. While the dichotomy exists in a lot of forms of clothing, shoes are generally the one piece that skates by unscathed.

    Even the most fashionable pair of shoes will at least do the bare minimum of not exposing your feet to the elements.

    Now, the thing about shoes is that they are very important. If you are going to Thailand, you may find yourself walking more than you might at home, so a good pair of comfortable shoes is important if you want to properly date a woman from Thailand.

    Properly dating a woman from Thailand is a crucial part of the equation if you want to leave the realm of single people and experience the benefits of marrying a Thai woman.

  7. Manly Musk
  8. People have their own scent. It’s not always unpleasant, but it isn’t always pleasant either. Which is why a lot of people bathe regularly and also use cleaning products, like soap and water.

    But sometimes, soap and water are not always enough, not even when used in conjunction with deodorant. If you want to make a lasting impression, cologne can up your game.

    Sure, it’s not technically clothing, but it is something that you wear. That said, cologne totally counts as fashion. Furthermore, Thailand is hot and men who want to be the foreign husbands of the local women would do well to smell good when meeting them.

  9. A Smile
  10. One of the most important things that a man can wear is a smile. Smiling, even if you're not in a great mood, can have benefits. For example, just the simple act of smiling can help better your mood.

    A smile is also important because it shows that you are happy. It is crucial that the person you are with is also happy. Smiling is one way you can make that happen.

    Not everyone gets to fall in love with Thai women. But if the opportunity ever arises, a man needs to be prepared for it. Dressing properly is an important facet of that preparation.