Dating Tips | 5 Movie Date Etiquettes to Always Keep in Mind

 A couple holding hands while walking by a movie theater. Find out how to properly conduct yourself during a movie date with these 5 simple dating tips.

There are plenty of dating tips for dinner dates, but there aren’t that many for movie dates. Going to the movies is perfect for people who are laid back and more comfortable in a casual setting. This kind of date also lessens the pressure of dressing up and making small talk.

A casual date might help ease any tension and let you get to know your date better. These are also ideal dating tips for shy guys because movie dates are perfect for men who are not socially adept.

If you play your cards right on the movie date, you can find love and end up having a loving relationship. Having said that, here are some tips to ensure your movie date goes smoothly:

  • Pick the right movie
  • Don’t just pick a movie that you want to watch. Consider your date’s preferences as well. The film should be something you were both eager to watch or at least curious about.

    The genre of the film doesn’t matter as much as long as you both agree to it. That way, you already know you two have something in common (even if you don’t know each other that well yet). This shared experience will also bring you closer together.

  • Don’t eat so loud
  • No movie experience is complete without some popcorn. You can make the experience more romantic by sharing with her. As tasty as popcorn is, what’s ironic is this snack shouldn’t really be eaten in a movie theater considering how loud it is.

    If you should order popcorn, don’t chew so loudly because you might ruin your date’s viewing experience. The same goes for your beverage; try not to slurp audibly.

  • Switch off your phone or set it to silent mode
  • This is why picking the right movie is important. If you enjoy it, you wouldn’t be tempted to preoccupy through other means.

    How else are you going to enjoy the film if you keep distracting yourself? Also, whipping out your phone in the middle of the movie is just plain rude. Your date wouldn’t think highly of you afterwards.

  • Refrain from talking too much
  • There’s no rule that prevents you from talking to your date, however, make sure to keep conversations at a minimum. You can comment on some of the scenes every now and then as long as it can contribute to the whole dating experience. But if you are conducting an interview, you might as well just leave the theater and go someplace else.

  • Avoid the whole yawn and stretch routine
  • A movie theater is a pretty intimate setting. The ambience might just tempt you to get closer and put your arm around her. However, you should hold yourself back from initiating physical contact.

    To be safe, better wait for her to initiate contact first. That way you wouldn’t inadvertently offend her.

Although these may seem like pretty basic dating tips, if you just follow them, we guarantee that you will have a smooth movie-going experience with your date.