Dating in Thailand for Expats: What Foreign Men Need to Know

An expat and a Thai woman dating in Thailand
Learn about the expectations of dating in Thailand for expats and get ready to meet beautiful Thai women.

Is dating in Thailand as a foreigner any different from dating in other countries? Yes and No.

The attraction between man and woman and the dynamics of falling in love that follow are universal experiences shared by the whole human race. Still, when that takes place in a particular country and culture like Thailand, several factors will take a major role in your love story.

If you’re new to the land of Smiles and wish to launch your romantic adventure with a Thai woman, this rundown on dating in Thailand for expats will be your dependable guide.

Where and How to Meet Women in Thailand

Knowing how to meet women in Thailand is the first step of the journey. Be familiar with your local place and be open to knowing new people. Your new love might just be around the corner.

Social Activities

A good way to start building up your social circle and meeting women in Thailand is by engaging in your favorite hobbies. There are many groups and centers you can find, especially in big cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai, that cater to specific interests and recreations.

If you’re into sports and fitness, try going to the gym or the jogging park. If literature is what you’re fond of, visit bookstores or join literary festivals. If you’re a nature enthusiast, sign up for camps and hikes. There’s always something to get involved in if you widen your horizons.


Meeting friends of friends is another common way to start dating in Thailand. Maybe you already know some locals or expats like you who have been in the country longer. Keep in touch with them and ask them to introduce you to their friends.

Finding a love interest might just be a friendly referral away. Plus, surrounding yourself with a familiar and trusted company will also give you support in the ups and downs of expat living.

Bars, Coffee Shops, Parks

These places are sure to be filled with a variety of people, and often, really interesting ones. Widen your sight and be attentive to the people you brush elbows with whether you’re at the bar, sipping coffee, or walking idly at the nearest park. Even if you’re going for a me-time, you never know who you’ll bump into or who walks into the room.

A Thai woman showing a heart sign
Whether it’s at the workplace, through friends, or online, finding love in Thailand is a wonderful adventure.


As with everything else, dating is commonly online nowadays. There’s no shame in meeting people through Thai dating websites and apps and often, it could even be more convenient and satisfying. Just make sure to use credible and safe dating sites to avoid scams and catfishes.

If you’re looking for access to a great number of local ladies, Thailand Women offers thousands of profiles of beautiful women you can browse through.

But remember, online is often great at the beginning of dating but it’s always best to lead it to a personal encounter. Find a good match online and since you’re already in Thailand, go and see your lady. The odds of finding love in Thailand will definitely be in your favor.

What Dating in Thailand Looks Like

Once you’ve met someone who interests you and have asked her for a date, prepare yourself for the Thai kind of dating. Meeting women in Thailand has similarities elsewhere but there are a few things that are crucial to take note of.

Where to Date

There are lots of places you can go to for your first date, especially if you’re in a major city. You can try to ask your date if she has a place in mind or an activity she wants to try out with you.

If you want to take your time getting to know each other, a coffee shop or restaurant would be a comfortable and conducive place. On the other hand, if you or your date are more of the active type, doing something together can be a good way to facilitate your initial interactions.

Don’t be afraid to try out local places that she wants you to experience. The cultural differences between Thailand and your country might be worlds apart, but if you want to impress her, immersing yourself in her culture is the best way to go.

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Language Barriers

No matter how universal love is, the difference in language will unavoidably factor into your conversations. Keep in mind that girls from Thailand can have varied levels of English skills. Some can be fluent or average but often, they are actually good English speakers—they are just shy about it. Encourage and compliment her to make her feel more comfortable and confident.

If you try to learn some common Thai words or expressions, that could impress her. Your efforts would give her the impression that you’re a thoughtful and sincere guy, and that you’re willing to go out of your comfort zone for her.

If major communication bumps come along the way, gently ask for clarifications. And if it gets more complicated, there’s always a dependable app for translations to give you a hand.


The general rule of avoiding too invasive questions or too controversial topics such as politics or religion still applies in dating a Thai woman. Good topics to dive into would be things you share in common, your unique interests, and most of all, culture. It can be a good opportunity to get to know more about her background and the country. As a Thai woman, she would most likely be happy and confident in telling you all about her native land.

A woman on a date in Thailand
Cultural differences might surprise you when dating in Thailand.


One particularity about dating in Thailand is the presence of a chaperone, who is typically a close friend of your date. It is expected that she would bring along someone else, especially on the first date even until probably the third one. Since you don’t know each other that well and you’re not officially a couple, being seen together with a man can bring social pressure on a Thai woman.

The chaperone is there for several purposes, such as to prevent gossip from others, ensure safety, and break the ice as you are still in the initial stages of your encounter. A chaperone is not a bad sign at all though it might be annoying or strange for a foreign man. Just keep in mind that it’s mainly cultural and not personal.

Paying the Bill

Traditionally, men are expected to pay the bill on dates, especially for the first one. However, some Thai women can have a more independent personality and could insist on splitting or even covering the entire bill.

Nevertheless, be prepared to shoulder the expenses but be open to how your date will react when the bill arrives so you can gauge more accurately what she prefers.


As to public displays of affection, Thai women are generally conservative so don’t expect holding hands and kisses on the first date. Of course, each person can be different. Some may be more lenient about it and would give signals to encourage you but don’t be upset if she doesn’t give you any hint at all. As a general rule, initiating or forcing physical touch is not how to find a Thai girlfriend.

Dating in Thailand for expats isn’t as complicated as it may sound. Many foreign men have found love in Thai women and are now successfully married. If you’re interested in meeting the local ladies, giving it a shot is something you will surely not regret.

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