Dating Thai Women | 3 Great Conversation Starters for Your First Date

A picture of a stunning Thai woman Know how to have meaningful conversations with beautiful Thai women!

When it comes to dating Thai women, it can be difficult to find good topics to talk about on a first date. It may be that you’re not used to talking to strangers or getting to know someone in person instead of on the internet. However, if you're serious about finding a desirable partner among the beautiful women in Thailand, then it’s essential to overcome whatever fears you have of being able to create meaningful conversations with one.

To start, understanding a Thai woman would require you to be acquainted with their culture where love and relationships are concerned. This may even serve as a form of basic dating tips in terms of how to make a good impression among these ladies. And once you’ve got everything settled, from knowing where to make your dinner reservations to what you’ll be wearing for the occasion, it’s time for you to give thought to how you’ll be starting your conversations with a Thai lady.

Here are a few questions that will give you a good head start:

  1. What do you consider a day well spent? - You may think that this question is very basic but you have no idea how important it is. As simple as this question may be, this will give you an idea about your date's personality based on how she answers. She can also talk about her hobbies and interests in life, her job, her family, and so on. It’s then your job to listen attentively and give the proper responses as you take turns in sharing anything that would give you some insight into each other’s individuality.
  2. No matter what you or your date decide to share as an answer to this question, there’s no doubt that it will give you the necessary details that you yearn to know about each other.

  3. How do you like to spend your weekends? - In comparing how you both spend your free time, you’ll have the chance to determine just how much your date is willing to disclose about herself, including her passions in life. Apart from all that, one of the goals of this question is to eventually find out if your date is interested in going out with you again. If she genuinely likes you, she'll definitely make herself available.
  4. But remember, dating and marriage in Thailand involve women having a huge commitment to traditional values, especially when it comes to conservatism. Thus, part of knowing how to date a Thai lady is not expecting that she’ll be open to you about her feelings. All one can do is give you clues. And it’s your job to be able to take a hint.

  5. What's on your bucket list? - Asking this will give you some insight regarding her dreams and goals in life. You’ll get to understand what matters most to her. This might also be a way for you to see if she’s looking forward to finding a partner to settle down with in the near future - that is if you’re interested in tying the knot with her someday.

As you can see, no matter how simple and basic your topics or questions may be, what’s important is that you’re able to share a worthwhile conversation with the woman who could potentially be your lifetime partner. And as you learn more about the endearing qualities of Thai women, the more you’ll want to have a lasting relationship with one!