Dating in Thailand | Conversation Starters Dating Thai Women

 Man on date with Thai woman When dating in Thailand, find out what topics you can talk about.

Women in Thailand have enticed men from all over the world. It is no wonder that they would take a trip to Thailand to meet with them. Some of the lucky few end up dating in Thailand, and if you play your cards right then you can experience the same thing.

But you should know that the dating scene in Thailand is different than in the west. Although it has modernized to some extent, there are still some aspects that are steeped in tradition. For example, men are expected to court the women they are interested in. Also, the relationship can only move forward if the man asks for permission from the woman first.

While there are differences you should be aware of, you still have to go through the getting-to-know-each-other phase. One way to do that would be through conversation. Talking to each other also helps you understand a Thai woman, even close that language barrier. But there are so many different topics to choose from, how do you know which one to lead with?

There are plenty of great ice breakers, but to help you impress your Thai date, you can start with any of these:

  1. Thai Food
  2. There’s more to Thai food than just Pad Thai noodles and sticky rice with mango. What makes Thai cuisine a great topic of conversation is how diverse it is. Almost each region in the country has its specialty, which you can ask your date depending on where she’s from. There’s just plenty of dishes you should know about and your Thai date is a great source of information.

    Surprisingly, you can also learn a lot about a person based on the food they eat. For example, you can ask your date what dish she eats when she’s feeling sick, what she craves when she’s feeling down in the dumps, or what her mom made for her while growing up. All these questions can reveal her personality and her background. Plus, who doesn’t brighten up when talking about food?

  3. Thailand culture
  4. Think of your date as your pseudo tour guide. Since she is a local, she’s the perfect person to tell you everything you need to know about Thailand. Who better to give you an introductory course on the Land of Smiles than the woman you’re dating. She can show all her stomping grounds, tell you the best (and worst) places to eat, and even show you the ropes when getting around.

    Thai people are a patriotic bunch. They would not hesitate to paint their country in a positive light, so expect Thai women to do the same. You also get cookie points for your enthusiasm to learn about the country.

  5. Word Games
  6. Let’s say you’re in a restaurant with your date and you’re waiting for your orders. One way you can pass the time is to learn about each other’s backgrounds, such as your age, work, etc. But that can get boring pretty easily. You can inject some fun on your date by playing on some games while waiting for your food.

    One way you can engage your date is to keep her entertained. Some word games you can play include 20 questions (you both take turns asking 20 questions each), I spy with my little eye (making the other person guess what object you’re seeing), and forehead stickers (a game where players guess the word written on the paper stuck to their forehead).

    Games are great because they reveal a lot about a person. You can learn about your date in a fun and engaging way. Another benefit to playing a game is to gauge your chemistry. Early on, you have an idea whether you two are compatible or not.

  7. TV Shows and Movies
  8. Because of streaming platforms, there are more shows to watch than ever before. This means that there are probably great shows you haven’t heard of yet, and there’s a chance that your date knows a few of them. This could lead to great bonding experience.

    This also shows what your date is into. Perhaps she’s an action-adventure kind of gal, or even a horror junkie. The point is learning about her pop culture favorites reveals a side of her personality that you normally wouldn’t know about online.

  9. Thai phrases
  10. Have you been practicing Thai before your date. Why not test a few phrases on your date? She’d be the perfect judge on how well you’re doing. She can also coach you on the correct pronunciation and grammar.

    And if there are phrases that confuse you, she can explain the context of those expressions. In a way, she’s also familiarizing herself more with the English language, so this exercise is mutually beneficial.

    It’s also the perfect excuse to talk to her some more. One of the dangers of dates is the dead air and things can get really awkward when you run out of things to talk about. Perhaps making the conversation more of a learning experience can keep it going for much longer. It certainly saves you the trouble of pulling off ideas out of your hat.

Either of these topics can help you get closer to your date. They are also great for revealing her personality. By engaging in these topics, she’s also learning all about you in the same way.

Just as important as knowing what to talk about is knowing what not to. The most taboo topics by far are sex, religion, and politics. You can talk about them in the long run, but ideally you should have known each other deeper by then. In the meantime, steer clear of these topics and you’ll be fine.

In the end, the importance of these conversations is to get to know one another. It is through communication that you establish the foundation of a relationship. If you keep your lines open, she’d also be encouraged to open up to you more. That would hopefully get her to trust you and even be willing to be with you.