Dating Culture and Tradition in Thailand

Thai woman wearing a  dress in a beach To successfully date Thai women, learn about the dating culture and tradition in Thailand first.

If you seek love in another country like Thailand, you definitely wouldn’t find it in shady nightclubs. If you do meet women in those places, at best they are looking for flings or hook-ups. However, you can find decent and beautiful Thai women through dating sites designed for singles looking for a serious partner.

Like you, there are many Western men who look for their life partners from the country. Because the women are calm, well-mannered, and have the sweetest smile, it’s no wonder why a lot of men desire to have a Thai partner. To be successful in dating Thai women, you need to first learn about the Thailand way of life, including these women’s dating culture and traditions.

Thai people remain traditional despite how the times have changed. Usually, these people only date for the sole purpose of meeting their ultimate life partners, which is why if you’re looking for a serious relationship, dating Thai women is the best choice.

Here are some dating culture and tradition in Thailand you need to keep in mind when dating Thai girls:

Thais are generally conservative

Most Thai women are conservative, shy, and monogamous. During the initial phase of traditional Thai dating, women don’t openly express themselves. The only public display of affection they allow themselves is to sit next to their partner without any physical contact. In Thai dating culture, daters can only engage in intimate contacts when their relationship is leading toward marriage.

Thais have social expectations

A common Thai family culture sets a clear role of husbands within families. Husbands have to provide for their families for the rest of their lives. As mentioned, decent Thai women date you for the ultimate purpose of marriage, which is why she has to see if you are financially capable and stable in taking her and your future family as your responsibility.

As recently as 2010, there were still Thai couples that paid dowries to the bride’s parents. This concept of dowry is to ensure that the woman marries a man who’s not below her class. The sum of the dowry depends on the potential of a man’s earnings as well as the bride’s reputation. However, in the present time, some families no longer give dowries nor expect them at all.

They communicate through nonverbal communication

It’s a well known Thai tradition to preserve one’s reputation. One way they achieve that is to be amiable and hospitable to everyone. They’re the most smiling and calmest people there are as it is always forbidden to lose face in a public setting.

They are taught not to be shameful in front of other people. This is why they express their emotions through nonverbal communication and body language. Thai society has always been far from being loud and wild.

They have high dating standards

The Land of Smiles has an informal system of determining whether a Thai woman’s suitor is worthy of becoming her husband. As mentioned earlier, Thai women date for the purpose of finding someone to tie the knot with. They don’t play games.

They may not practice arranged marriages, but they use this freedom to seriously find their lifetime partners through dates, which will serve as a test whether or not they will accept a man’s personality, status, and everything about him.

Thais are very religious

94% of the Thai population practices Buddhism. Even though Buddhist monks do not hold weddings, couples keep up with a tradition called Merit Gift. Couples donate to the monks in the Buddhist temple, who will then hold a ceremony by blessing the wedding. Families, relatives, and friends also give gifts to the local Buddhist temple under the bride’s name to show respect to her faith and spirituality.

Asking permission from your Thai date’s family

Long ago, men had to ask permission from the woman’s family first before dating their daughter. Nowadays, it’s still practiced, but not as strictly as before. However, your Thai date would appreciate it if you follow this tradition, but that is if you’re really interested in her.

The right time to meet her family

Yes, she’s likely going to appreciate your efforts in keeping up with the old tradition and meeting her family, but you also have to know that Thai women are advised to only introduce a man in the family who’ll end up marrying them. If you’re willing to take your relationship further and to reach that level, then you should meet her family for real.

Paying for the dates

Thailand imposes a very distinct role between men and women. Whether you met her through conventional means or Thai mail order bride, your role is to be in charge of the finances. Even when she earns the same as you, you are still the one expected to treat her out.

The western concept of splitting bills doesn’t usually apply in Thailand. So better start shouldering all the responsibilities of paying bills.

Expecting a friend for a chaperone

It’s frowned upon for Thai women to be in the company of men they barely know all by themselves. For this reason, some women still take chaperones on dates. Bringing a chaperone was once a norm but not in modern times anymore.

Admit it, having a chaperone or a third wheel is a tad awkward. Thai women now know better that there’s really no need for it anyway. But that’s not to put down the thought that Thai women would like the idea of their friend tagging along.

Avoiding conflict

If you want a brownie point with your Thai date, it’s best that you avoid arguing with her. It’s in their social construct to be always lighthearted and not the other way around. To avoid trading barbs with her, best stick to lighthearted subjects. If you tackle heavy topics, like religion and politics, not only would it put her on the spot, but it would also turn her off if you don’t share her views.

Many men who have lived in Thailand for a long time have adapted the dating culture and tradition in Thailand. Over time, you will learn on your own how to make Thai women tick based on this concept—their uniqueness.